♟️ Data Science – Chess Data Analysis

0:00:00 Hello World
0:04:34 Ongoing Kaggle Competitions
0:18:54 This Week in Chess Dataset
0:26:37 Chess Data Exploration
1:12:00 ELO Differences and Upsets
1:28:00 Reading PGN with Chess Python Package
1:36:00 Running Stockfish in Python
1:53:00 Hans Neimann Chess.com Game Analysis
2:21:35 Plot ELO for Winning Streaks

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  1. Pls can you do an OOP in Python for Data analysis? Say using Nutrition data

  2. Why are you not using resample for week-year combination? x-axis would be cleaner.

  3. Hikaru is actually a big Youtuber (possibly also on twitch too) who posts great videos on chess (analysis of games, his own games etc).

    Do you think you could DM him and perform some joint collab showing him some of the analysis? Perhaps he could also provide domain knowledge insights too. That would be super cool!

  4. Hi Rob, I discovered your great channel and that you are also streaming on twitch. Amazing work, thanks. I would love to join the live but every time you go live it's 3:30 am at my place. So I guess I'll stick with YouTube replays, thanks for sharing it 😀

  5. Wow….from 14k subscribers to 15.k…I'm proud of you man. I'm gonna share your YouTube link to different groups of DS I'm following. Please keep it coming. Gracias senor

  6. You're a blessing from God!
    Which tool are you using to record your video and be able to show yourself at the same time?

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