🙾 Chess Battle – 23 Black Queens ♛vs♕ 23 White Queens – Unreal Chess. Daily dose of funny #shorts

🙾 Chess Battle – 23 Black Queens ♛vs♕ 23 White Queens – Unreal Chess. Funny situations in the chess world. Daily dose of funny chess. Who will win? Press the video to pause and write an answer in the comments!

#shorts #short #chess

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Such chess games do not happen in real life, you can only see them on our channel!
On this chess channel we post funny chess situations, unreal and incredible situations, and also do an analysis of famous chess games. You can help me make content for you yourself – just leave a comment so that you want to see from the world of chess! Magnus Carlsen and gothamchess is shocked by our unreal videos!
Chess can also be fun and funny.

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  1. Okay so, trade the queens -Levvy rosman aka gothamchess somtime

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