1 Hour Beginner Chess Lesson with TierZoo

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GothamChess gives a lesson on openings, middlegame strategy, and endgame conversion to @TierZoo.

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  1. at 26:03 , is QxD4 check, d4, ne4 check a bad line? this is what i was thinking of before he discussed castling to stop Nxc2, but i didn’t know if this was better or still good?

  2. I love this video. I am a beginner and i learn a lot.

  3. Watched the whole video without even forwarding once and it's safe to say I learned a lot.

  4. The debate continues between bishop or knight being worth more. This could be an entire video on JUST that discussion.

  5. We need BLINDFOLD Tutorialllllllllllllllllllllll

  6. You are so sweet and supportive, what a wonderful teacher!

  7. I actually got a lot out of this video, are there any more like this?

  8. U just save me 30 dollar a course 😂 thanks alot i learn so much 😊 👍👌

  9. After Qf7 can white play Qxb7 threatening the rook and a royal fork

  10. 26:30 you could take the paw because you can get a royal fork if they take ur pawn and fork u and ur rook

  11. At 19:20 what about kb5, it checks the king, you can trade knights ang attack b7 pawn

  12. gotham watching tierzoo play: oh darling, oh gorgeous

    gotham watching subs play: YOU FUCKING DONKEY

  13. 27:45 how about confusing opponent by moving my queen back a step to d3 and then a fork with the knight to d4 and taking the queen for the knight?

  14. this was great!!! Can you do more content like this??

  15. Bishops are predictable.. knights are slippery.. I'd rather crush a knight with bishop..😅

  16. I'm 300 elo. I was happy that I was noticing alot of the stuff this 800 noticed… But then I realized, I'm 300 because it's like I just can't see it when I'm actually playing.

    I'm an 800 elo viewer, and 300 elo player lol

  17. I fell down the chess lesson rabbit hole and this is by far the best instructional video I’ve watched. Such a great exchange

  18. At 36:41 what if you sent Rook to E6, pawn takes Rook, take back with bishop, queen is forced to take bishop Bc mate in 1 with Queen to D8, take their Queen with your Queen, they slide their Rook to G8, and then move Queen to E6 for a fork. I went through the check -> capture -> attack and saw the attack on the queen/Rook sacrifice and then everything else followed

  19. I am trash in chess. Bro, can u teach me chess? 😢

  20. Now TierZoo will teach Levy how to maximize his skill tree for survival in Africa server

  21. @GothamChess at 6:41 i was wondering if bishop goes d5 capturing knight and queen goes d5 capturing bishop, why not guard pawn with rook in that position?

  22. Thank you a great lesson , I learned something , since you covered an entire game .

  23. You're very friendly and smart!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  24. What if on minute 48:00 white moved Qb1? Any black move will leave you with either a checkmate or up with the rook and knight

  25. 24 minutes into this video, and ive realised just how much value i would find in 1 to 1 analysis and coaching.

    I hope i can find a local club soon

  26. 3 years ex post facto, here I am. Great video, seems like a class I'd want to take.

  27. Welcome new chess fans! This is one of many beginner-friendly videos on my channel. Feel free to subscribe, I post 1-2 videos a day 🙂

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