15 years analyzing chess I’ve never seen this before

I’ve spent 15 years analyzing chess and I’ve never seen this before, this is one of Hans Niemann’s “Suspicious 100%” Games played in 2020 and analyzed by gambitman and Yosha. In the wake of the chess cheating all Hans Niemann games are being scrutinized and this beautiful game is a great find!

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  1. Qh3 is obvious, something I would look at straight away.

  2. Bro, for the record: Don't be so hard on yourself in the intro. You don't look like a hobo. You just look like a young man growing out his beard for a couple weeks.

  3. I played 1 game and puts this to shame and I had to agree to never play chess again

  4. I'm no GM and I found Queen H3 in three seconds🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Hans isn't a cheater. He's beading his opponents straight up.

  6. There is a youtuber called SomeDumbTrucker, and he had a game with 7 brilliant moves in a row ( He was around 1600 on chesscom at the time of the game I think, and he has a video showing the game somewhere on his channel). I know the guy personally, so I am 100% positive that his game was legit. In his game he can take the opponent's queen , but he ignores it and continues the attack. Had I played that position, I would have just taken the queen ( I am 2250 on chesscom). So, I would not have made any brilliant moves according to chesscom, but would have still won the game, most likely.

    Now comes the question: "If chesscom says the move is brilliant, should we agree that it is?"

    Chesscom is establishing many new standards (by sheer power of their assumed authority) which are to put it mildly – questionable. However, most people are accepting these new standards as a given.

    Nice video, nonetheless!

  7. Ok, I found all of Niemann's "brilliant" moves. Nothing too great, if you see the idea behind all the attack. Niemann is an obvious cheater, but this game just shows how bad his opponent was, not how good Niemann played.

  8. I had low expectations if your analysis given the title of your video. But you now have new follower in me. That was a pretty fair and accurate /plausible overview. That algorithms benchmark in brilliant moves is pretty low. Only one if the four seemed to merit that distinction as u pointed out. Look forward to watching more of your analysis.

  9. Your title is: "never seen this before", the conclusion is: "we don't know if he cheated".
    Maybe you just do not want to be sued? 😉

    So in which cases COULD you say, just looking at the game, that he cheated? Only if you have "never NEVER never seen such moves before"?

    If, on the other hand, it is already clear that the conclusion is "we don't know, just by looking at the game", then the title was just clickbait 🙂

    Anyways, still thanks for the interesting video.

  10. Sonny boy, if man was mean to fly, he'd have wings!! Cites Yosha, which has been debunked. Lots of 'high-accuracy' games by non-cheaters, not just Hans. Author doesn't state his credentials, does he even understand how engines pick "perfect moves"? Doubtful. clickbait…

  11. u cant interpret morse code at the speed in which he plays. especially by buzzes. its hilarious to think that someone wouldnt come along who analyzes what a computer would do in any given board and learn how to play like a computer. hans is doing just that. hes putting these guys favorite positions on the board and memorizing computer responses. thats why fischer knew chess was dead. memorization. yall act so surprised and honestly its disturbing how dumb you chess players really are. chess is dead.

  12. Hans is an instinctively aggressive player who also uses psych-warfare techniques against his opponents (in interviews as well as OTB). Sometimes, like here, this works out fabulously: after he goes full send with the Q right beside their K, they literally crap themselves in fear and make several sub-optimal if not downright bad moves, opening opportunities which he improvises to exploit, and it ends up with him looking like an absolute genius who foresaw all, although there's a fair chance he did not.

    OTOH, those opponents who can keep their nerve will generally belay his ardour to win or draw.

    It makes for exciting chess, with plenty of cut & thrust, which is better than being bored to death by those GM's who play for 20 draws in a row. Cutting such a talent out of the industry due to some juvenile sins + the caprice of a Prima-Donna (Carlsen) would be a great loss for the sport.

    And of course there was no assistance or cheating in this game: the 4 brilliancies in a row is more an artefact of CC's analysis algorithm, as the latter 3 were fairly easy to find.

    Good video, btw, thanks!

  13. where were these so called "experts" before magnus accused hans? now everyone is an expert

  14. You have to have beady eyes to see as far as Mr. Niemann.

  15. I saw the queen move, totally lucky, but hard to believe it was cheated

  16. Real scientific. "I've never seen 4 "brilliant" moves in a row." You're a real scientist, man. I could probably pull up thousands of games that had 4 "brilliant" moves in a row. This is clickbait trash.

  17. Once cheater, always cheater.
    " Cheating speaks for itself "

  18. That annotation system is very weird to me. There's nothing brilliant about the follow-up moves – this is not how a human would annotate this. Yes, the g5 idea is nice and it's crucial to see it when you go Qh3, but once you got that, it's all natural. Putting exclamation marks on taking back on g5 or playing Kg7 is weird.

  19. The queen move was brilliant, but GMs make brilliant moves. No one denies that Hans is a high caliber chess player. The following brilliant moves weren't that brilliant. Doesnt seem like there is any there there.

  20. Idk that seemed like reasonable play but I’m a nobody

  21. Unfortunately humans don't play this accurately consistently. Maybe one game or two games in their lifetimes where an opponent walks into a very well prepared line. But not 23x in 2 years. Hans is obviously cheating and the question is more "how" rather than "if".

  22. I got all the brilliant moves right but im terrible

  23. He found the moves needed to carry on the attack, his opponent played many innacuracies..nothing to see here

  24. It's unfortunate that Hans will always be under a dark cloud of suspension, probably for the rest of his life.

  25. Yeah hxg5 and then Kg7 are both natural moves. Don't count this as 4 unusually good moves in a row, but two. Why did you even mention the number 4?

  26. I don't know, the third brilliant move was just super obvious so it was kind of just 3 in a row imo

  27. Hans Neimann is one of the most dislikable and arrogant players. I mean he could at least comb his hair, or not make those arrogant faces he makes. That would at least generate some sympathy.

  28. I would agree with your analysis. Queen h3 is certainly a stunner, but for a top player like Hnas it shouldn't be hard considering every other move loses. I don't see any reason to think Hans cheated in this game. It was simply a masterpiece.

  29. This is called supsicious by grandmasters nowadays? Oh my…

  30. Finally a chess player that speaks english. I am not trying to be rude but it is very difficult to understand chess players with a thick accent other than English.

  31. Great, short, concise video. Subscribed. (btw, you're not kidding that all Hans Niemann games are heavily analyzed — when I use chessbase to have a look at them, there are literally already thousands of users who have beaten me to it.)

  32. I am not even a chess player and I guessed the queen move and the king move so imo someone who dies this for living 24/7 should be able to see all 4.

  33. If Dubov was watching this game, he'd have found every one of the brilliant moves as well.

  34. I guessed Qh3 but theres no way I could have finished it correctly.

  35. 7:50 GASP!! Nieman moved his queen!! HAX!!! CHEATER!! BAN HIM!!
    …I must be a genius Chess player too!
    Moving my Queen near the Enemy King seems like the obvious move to me!

  36. blongna, he just figured it out, its chess,both players have a shot

  37. whether it was his own move or not, Qh3 is incredibly sexy!

  38. Decent analysis, but the title of video is just bottom drawer click bait. I am an OK chess player, yet I found the 1st 'brilliant move'. I mean this game is so much NOT evidence for cheating (actually on the contrary) that epic chess should self-spank his tender chess bottom for even bringing it up. Piss poor attitude… my man.

  39. In fact, it is the World Occult's interest that the next World Champion chess player to be an american one… before Alireza Firouzja (which is the real succesor of Magnus Carlsen) getting there! Point.

  40. Dear Epic. This "15 years analyzing chess I've never seen this before" might be true. But it doesn't justify throwing dirt at Hans Niemann. You often say variations on " .. in for a treat". I ask what is the difference between "four brilliant moves in a row" and "having four brilliant moves in a whole game"???? I don't think there is any difference. You say about move King to B2, "To my eyes .. a pretty logical move." Yes, I agree. Why don't you stick with those kind of observations rather that making scandal out of nothing – and throwing dirt where it is not justified. Watch your ethics, Mr Epic! G

  41. It did not look like cheating in this game. That looked like sharp intuitive play.

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