15 years analyzing chess I’ve never seen this before

I’ve spent 15 years analyzing chess and I’ve never seen this before, this is one of Hans Niemann’s “Suspicious 100%” Games played in 2020 and analyzed by gambitman and Yosha. In the wake of the chess cheating all Hans Niemann games are being scrutinized and this beautiful game is a great find!

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  1. I guess it's counted as brilliant because he just hang a knight for all of those move

  2. Watching your Hans cheating saga as a non-competitive player. I wonder if there is a border you could put around the board when you are displaying the potential moves. It gets hard to follow whether you are talking about the game as-played, or potential moves sometimes. As a non competitive player, I can get lost. Such a visual que would help viewers like me, I believe.

  3. I hope you're soon analyzing my games. But please don't call it "EPIC MESS" then. That would be nice.

  4. I didn't see them as brilliant, myself. Moving the queen up to the white king seemed kind of obvious. All up in his grill while his protection was all to his left. I think these moves were simply allowed by the opponent who didn't have any good defense at that time. Maybe white should have moved f2 to f3 and give his king some breathing room and also allows for his queen to return to defend.

  5. This algorithm classifies brilliant moves by when there's hanging pieces but you instead of defending the piece you make a better move. In this case it was 4 brilliant loves in a row because the knight was hanging for 4 moves while hans was playing other moves.

  6. Who would be better "Bobby Fischer" or "Hans Stockfisher" ?

  7. u never seen stockfish playing before? hes rly good

  8. In all honesty, I saw Qh3 straight away and I am not a strong player…I did not see the defensive resources though. (Obviously I would struggle to find something like this over the board, or even get the opportunity to get to that position haha!), but yeah, I just see a well played game here tbh.

  9. Hey Bud!! I think you must have been analyzing Chess for far longer than any mere "over 15 years." I would guess that you must have been analyzing Chess for, say, a century or two. Great work!!

  10. I thought from the thumbnail that the whole game he was going to play with 100% accuracy though 🤔 But hasn’t that happened too btw, and could you cover it?

  11. Man, u must be a bad analyst if u never saw 4 brilliant in a row, i am 600 elo anx got 3 brilliants in a row just because my opponent didn't take my second sacrifice, so i forced him to

  12. Hans is simply a well knowncheater. Needs to be banned by all chess content makers

  13. Naturally, many people are going back and examining several of Hans's previous games, looking for evidence, like a rabid anti-vaxxer on a mission, and — zounds! — often finding it. Or not.

    It's akin to being queried by your spouse about your suspicious behavior with a litany of her friends, and "Pleading the Fifth," and then, when she finally asks more directly, "Well, did you 'do the deed' with Margaret?" to which you confidently blurt out, "No!" It is reminiscent of the utterance given to her interrogators by Jody Arias, who was later convicted of killing her boyfriend, when at one point she insisted that, "All my [other] ex-boyfriends are still alive."

    The fact is, any chess cheater who blatantly goes about such deceit is typically caught rather easily, and so it is much trickier to extract real proof from a more clever cheater, one who has devised a more nuanced approach or technique at inflicting his — craft. One should not expect to catch a thief — even a chronic shoplifter, or a full-blown kleptomaniac — exiting the local Winn-Dixie with a shopping cart full of 100% stolen items!

    But in the case of Mr. Niemann, while such proof would certainly pound the proverbial nail into the coffin, it's not actually required to assign blame. Hans has already confessed to online cheating on several occasions in the past, and the evidence compiled was rather overwhelming.

    The insane attempt by GM Hans Niemann to deny his proven cheating in chess, and then the further slandering of GM Magnus Carlsen, and GM Hikaru Nakamura, and Chief Chess Officer Danny Rensch is beyond disgusting, and should be viewed more accurately as some kind of delusionary tactic meant to obfuscate what has really happened. Not since the debacle of Sam Sloan vs. GM Susan Polgar has there been such a travesty both affecting and infecting the world of chess!

    The associated and irrational, delusional attempts by GM Maxim Dlugy for having blamed his own proven chess cheating actions on his students, and then further slandering of both GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Hikaru Nakamura, only lends more credence toward a further indictment of Hans Niemann, possibly projecting a pattern of prior behavior, and might merit some kind of additional punishment. Any and all students of GM Maxim Dlugy should probably ask for a REFUND.

    Hans Niemann has cheated countless times, and even admitted to several occurrences in private, when he was given more than one chance to quietly redeem himself; but instead, he chose to continue his cheating ways, and ultimately jettisoned his entire reputation and future career, at least in chess, by filing several bogus lawsuits that will go nowhere, only serving to further diminish his already-tattered reputation, and he did this all while still a teenager.

    His best recourse going forward will occur if he comes completely clean, and perhaps he could continue with a sort-of Bohemian, Tonya Harding-like existence, but only if he changes course, and promptly and unilaterally begins making amends. I would be among those who welcome Hans back "into the fold," and offer him complete forgiveness, and a clean slate. – j q t –

  14. my thoughts are that the Algo is very generious in its praise

  15. The title implies that HN cheated, but I, far from a 2000 rating, found the brilliant moves without taking too much time. He didn’t cheat – he played a good game

  16. If you play chess often enough.., the openings and moves become repititiously boring and mundane.., so eventually the mind has to work out, which moves are better🤔.., there is no point in cheating in chess. Apart from being a fun game.., it is the strategy and mind developing memory that can make a human become a tough and challenging player.

  17. Watched a few Anna Cramling videos today and 4 hours later I've made it to Epic Chess. I love how Epic Chess explains everything and all but I don't speak the chess language yet. I feel like I'm starting a new video game on the hardest mode. Anyone know of a good but more basic channel I could use to work my way up to Epic Chess?The news style videos were easy to watch and very interesting but to hear a game being explained I realize how completely out of my league Epic Chess is. Not a knock on Epic Chess whatsoever, it's a me not understanding what's being talked about without pausing and googling every other second kind of problem.

  18. So many people going with the "intuition" narrative. The guy couldn't even explain his moves properly. It's like he didn't understand what he had just done. And then he went with the "chess speaks for itself". Come on.

  19. Need to have hard evidence. How did he cheat ? What are the methods did he use in cheating ?

  20. Excellent analysis but personally I don't think Hans was cheating. Why? Because I spotted a couple of his "genius" moves and I'm a very mediocre player! I think they were the kind of moves that any grandmaster could be expected to play, frankly. But Magnus Carlsen thinks he is a cheat and I have great respect for Magnus's intuition so who knows?

  21. Regarding the Magnus controversy, has anyone thought about the possibility that Niemann somehow found out about the line that Magnus was planning to play? This seems like a much simpler way to cheat, and would explain why he said he studied the line just by luck.

  22. this is just a result of the knight hanging for consecutive turns. if the best move is something other than saving the knight and you make that move, its pretty much guaranteed to be 'brilliant'

  23. For a 400 elo rated player Queen to H3 made, perfect sense. Because after rook to A1, I blunder the queen on G2

  24. When he made the statement, who is this hobo looking dude, I thought he was referring to Hans.

  25. Hans is a known cheater and will never be above suspicion.

  26. Great chess channel! Not super human 4 in a row. Only Qh3 deserved a double exclamation mark and even a single exclamation mark would have sufficed. The 3 follow up moves were a continuation of the idea behind Qh3.

  27. 32, nice to see 'older gentlemen' still making content on youtube man. i'm 38, been writing for youtube since 2018. Good luck on this mad platform dude.

  28. You are criticizing Hans brilliant move but not whites terrible move…

  29. How does one tell if someone is cheating?

  30. This is unfair to Hans. Here are two "brilliant" moves in a row, not four. As you point out, the last two seem "obvious," which anyone could have stumbled into.

  31. I assume "accuracy" is measured by "how many moves made were the top move offered by Stockfish or some other AI"? Are we at a point where humans can almost never win against AI? Or is it still possible to, on occasion, outsmart Stockfish?

  32. Let's agree Hans is a brilliant chess player, no matter what is in his ass, can we?

  33. Why don’t u play with him and see whether you can win him OTB

  34. I think it's in his mouth that's why he talks weird now…

  35. I'm not a Hans fan, in fact I'm a Magnus fan but what I'm seeing on the screen just makes sense from a player of his caliber. How can this prove anything? it's just normal moves.

  36. I did 2 brilliant moves in a row today 🙂 my rating is about 500,
    I made a blunder,
    my opponent then blundered,
    I then made two brilliant moves…
    which were brilliant because the game was such a shambles fml

    Maybe these players are just a 500 rating and the same thing happened. I can't tell. I'm a 500 rating.

  37. Hans Niemann is turning out to be the Uri Geller of chess…

  38. Oh you think chess is confusing? Hows about we name the board H through A as instead of in the alphabetical order!

  39. The only problem is hans has admitted to cheating, and been accused by Magnus and hikaru..2 of the world champs..so it's hard to give hans validity when accusations like this have been raised and are most likely true since he has admitted to cheating and his mentor as well….

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