3 Chess Engines to Help Improve Your Game

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  1. If i import a middlegame position can one of this engine tell me ome possible openings that brought me to that displace on Pieces? Thanks

  2. Can you please give me a suggestion what program to buy which has the following features: (1) ability to analyze a game and make good move suggestions;(2) Also, with a huge data base of games that I can check games ..I prefer I only need to buy one software with both features.Thanks

  3. Appreciate your videos 😊 Love from India 🤩

  4. Appreciate your videos. Love from India. Happy New Year Dear 💐💐💐

  5. What do you think about Winboard? It's an older software from 2001 but I've used it for a while. Plus it still works on Windows 10.

  6. I just use Lichess, it's got Stockfish built in.

  7. Where is the links to the chess engines you mentioned?

  8. Hi brother
    Thanks for the video
    Can u make a separate video for the stockfish engine guide and best way to use it

  9. Thanks alot ,ur the man ,love u 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Good concept of a video and nice execution (as always). But hoooly crap, you need to work on that chessboard on your website, it looks horrendous (and is also quite littered with bugs).

  11. Looks like just an ad to sign up, except for the Stockfish site. I tried to put .pgn moves in but it wouldn't decode unless I joined.

  12. @thechesswebsite

    Hi Kevin
    Thanks for the video

    Can u make a separate video for the stockfish engine guide and best way to use it

  13. Engines via apps, including Stockfish and Shredder, seem very weak. Shredder rates me at 2110, and i’m nowhere near it. Are the ratings on such apps inflated? At 1900, Shredder even ignored a hanging rook. Very odd.

  14. chessbase says one move
    decodechesssays another move
    stockfish will settle it

  15. Wooooow, that decode chess is absolutely brilliant!

  16. I think Lucas Chess is pretty slick for free

  17. But decode chess is not fully free right..its paid.we could decode only 3 moves a day right ? Whats the use of it.?

  18. I thought you said fish was free! Decode chess is not? I’m wondering where is the cost coming on? I’m looking for something to improve my game.

  19. Make an in depth video explaining all the features of chess arena please

  20. He introduce chess website.com because he don't want to express any other website for improvement in chess😂😂😂

  21. Kevin, kindly advise me as to what chess program that (1) I can improve my play — helps analyzes my games , etc.
    Also (2) I need with a huge data base of games (1 million games if possible) …
    All has to be in one program so I don’t have to buy 2 separate softwares.

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