4D ExoPolitical Chess Analysis with Gerald Clark 12.11.17

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4D Exopolitical Chess Analysis with Gerald Clark

Greetings, this is Gerald Clark with you today on December 10th 2017. Today’s video will explore more of the exopolitical events that are taking place at a rapid pace in the headlines.

First, before delving into today’s topics, I wanted to first discuss my family lineage with you all. On my mothers side, my Great grandparents immigrated from Minsk Russia circa 1891, my great grandfather Zeta was a Jewish rabbi from the tribe of Levi. They migrated to the United States and settled there. My mother was raised in a Jewish household and later converted to Christianity, as did her sister. As a child growing up in Arkansas, exposure to Baptist Churches was unavoidable, still part of the “Bible Belt” today. So, after spending most of my adult life involved with Baptist and later Catholic teachings (14 years of it ), I had a pretty strong background in all things religious on my awakening path. I too am from the Levitical genealogical line, as is my wife Christa. What a surprise. So, as part of our priestly service to humanity, I belong to no religion, am affiliated with no handlers or hidden agenda. My sole mission is to share my map with you all as I experience the illusion of transient material existence as an eternal being, this is just a stop along our collective path.

I tell you this family lineage story because the account in Exodus 32:27 where Yahweh has drawn a line in the sand and has Moses order the Levites to kill all those opposed to Yahweh. Yikes, what a lineage to inherit, murderous priests serving an ancient astronaut who cares little for them as a species. For those now aware of Starfire Gold ( a white talcum powder elixir) it will make more sense why Aaron melted the gold into a powder (not possible without using Antimony AKA earth element Stibium.) sprinkled into the water and had the Israelites in exile drink it right before Enlil-Yahweh ordered the Levitical (priests) to take a sword to their brethren.

During my study of the early Sumer documents, including the Lamentations of Ur, Atra-Hasis, among many others, I focused on who Abram was relative to the clear Anunnaki control of the cities and temples in Mesopotamia and Sumer. The Bible refers to the city of Ur where Nannar, son of Enlil was the second dynastic ruler, as Ur of the Chaldeas. George Smith wrote a book titled Chaldean Genesis in 1870 ( I have the book thanks to being gifted the treasure by Zecharia Lang) which adds great depth to the stories of the Bible given he worked as a translator and anthropologist at the British Museum at the time of the book’s authoring. Abram was from the city of Ur where his father served Enlil-Yahweh as a lead temple priest. This key point is the reason why Enlil chose Abram, groomed to be a military leader, was sent to conduct genocidal war in the promised land and to become the patriarch of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Thus, it became clear to me that the Lord of the Command, here on behalf of the Anunnaki mission, was also the god of wrath and vengeance of the Bible. Later I confirmed this data with a Vatican translator Mauro Biglino who also has published similar details about our true historical origins. THE GOD OF AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE ONE AND THE SAME BEING, ENLIL.

The USA has had ties with Israel since the Balfour declaration that led to its establishment in 1948 following WW2. Now you may see why the White House visitor and early ancient astronaut lobbyist Valiant Thor (look him up) was none other than Enlil and helped set up America for its future destruction.

Marvel Entertainment Studios has taken liberty with true history portraying Thor as the protector of humanity. This is a total inversion of the truth, Enlil hated humans and often participated or ordered them destroyed as the god of wrath and vengeance that the followers of Judaism have been completely ambushed into following. This is where the term “Fear of God” originated. What a concept to harbor, to be afraid of your creator. Idiocracy

This is where the full view of what is transpiring starts to unravel….Watch to see what I mean….

Lamentations of Ur

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  1. another to add to the Clinton dead count:

    New York orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dean Lorich, 54 years old. A high profile killing, he has well known and had celebrity clients.
    He was found Monday by his 11-year-old daughter on the bathroom floor with a knife in his chest (missing his heart) and bled out.

    This Doctor volunteered in Haiti and exposed Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice on the island.

    Police were called to the property regarding an "assault", but they registered the death as "suicide". And police close it rather without asking questions?

    uuuh huh
    Seriously, a surgeon wouldn't commit suicide by plunging a knife into his own chest to bleed out. NO. He could have simply offed himself with meds.

    And, a suicide? Despite the fact that an assault call was logged? riiiiight. uuuh huh


  2. Would you also agree that the Levitical lineage was lost with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE?

  3. First of all awesome talk Gerald.
    May your message awaken everyone before it's too late.
    I read someone there there was a one of the minor Annunaki gods was called Alallu, (page 38 in the late great Sitchin's book "The lost book of Enki". He was Anu's senior and Anu defeated him in battle and was sent to the underworld. Interesting that muslims worship an Allah. In my heart he doesn't sound like a nice guy because in the Quran there is a lot about him sending a person to hell for many things! So much for a loving God!

  4. Another great video! Bucket list is to read all of David Icke's books and yours of coarse! TY.

  5. thanks for your energy Gerald, its much appreciated

  6. Thank you Gerald, for your information and take about politics, humans has being so
    Programmed with religion and politics that no one is able to think, their brains has been
    Hacked the elite is using their brains. It’s so clear that Trump is a Zionist puppet from Enlil; he just sold out USA to the Rothschild family owners of Israel to build Solomon
    Temple and bring the New World Order with a GMO human Antichrist, then they will kill this Antichrist and bring the Fake Jesus to control the planet for 1.000 years, that’s
    The ETS agreement between Enki and Enlil; Reality is that they don’t give a fuck about
    That peace of Israel Land, it’s where Religion originated as well as fake human history
    For their politics, thus assholes own both sides so it doesn’t matter what you choose

  7. Have you notice Trump talks about fake news all the time, well the plan is to control the Internet 12/14/2017 CNN Trump's FCC votes to repeal net neutrality, just be aware this planet has been taking over by ETS, the only way to save your soul is to die and get connected with the Creator of all

  8. Thank you my dear brother Gerald for this most important briefing…

  9. Hi Gerald,
    Where is Enlil now? Vatican?
    Thank you!

  10. Great Video Gerald. I used to be a Jewish Zealot, until i did massive research. Now I am a Radical Love Atheist. I hate lies. Isiah 45:7 destroys the Old Testament I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.. 3 times the word 'I" is used in one sentence. That is not bragging? The bastard brags that he created evil. what kind of Bastard would create Evil? An Almighty Bastard! Luke 19:27 destroys the New Testament. He who preached love your enemies, could not love his own enemies! Sweet Jesus The Hypocrite! But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

  11. excellent words of truth cutting through the fog of the propaganda program, as always! Gerald do you remember the head scratching about G Bush's cryptic comment in his 2004 inauguration speech, as reported. "Sep. 2004 · George W. Bush: Remarks Accepting the Presidential Nomination at the ….. we have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom." …. yes, who is he answering to?

  12. https://youtu.be/rr7fYVZvXfI
    Please, Gerald, look at this! Says DJt is “punking” everyone. Not what he says it’s what he did!
    Thank you for the analysis and input! Thoroughly thought provoking! Very well done 💕

  13. Valiant Thor = Enlil, interesting how few know about the that incident.

  14. Trump=ENKI. Trump is anti NWO, Trump wants to keep the United States is a sovereign nation. Putin is connected to ENKI as well. ENLIL is NWO. Hillary is NWO.

  15. Levites are the ones who got put in Babylonia and taught for 3 and a half years then sent out to teach the Law. From what I understand

  16. Nin gi shzid da. I cant stand how you butcher it everytime you say it..
    My tribe ojibwe for "warrior" we say ogichidaa
    If I say I'm a warrior I'd say
    Ningichidaa (I am a warrior)
    Nin gi chi daa
    Nin is i in my language.
    So I found this connection ive been putting stuff together
    Check this out..
    Ki is earth
    Aki is earth
    Sin is moon
    Asin is rock
    Utou is spirit
    Mon"itou" is spirit
    Enki is lord the earth
    inki is I am earth
    igigi is watcher/observer
    inini is man
    Nimah is Enki half sister I think
    Nimaamaa is mother
    Ningishzidda is thoth
    Gizida on the moon
    Ningichidaa I am warrior.
    So these are some pieces to our language I'm seeing similarities
    Even the thunderbird is Animiiki in ojibwe …
    Ojibwe to us is anishinaabe (the original people)

  17. Putin is a shill. Putin and nethanyahu are In bed. Putin is probably a jew also

  18. Gerald thank you for all you’ve done that we would know our true origin.. I really believe you’re a genius and hope you’ll do more videos on that subject…. Much love for you and yours!❤️

  19. This whole game, played by these idiots make me sick to the core. Wish would could find them and keep them locked up for all times. Why is it so hard for “ GOD” to do something? It’s confusing.

  20. So you think we would have been better with Hillary?

  21. The NWO is toast! 1/4/2018; Clark's speculation is right on.

  22. My thoughts Mr. Clark, is that all humanity is being played for fools. We are nothing but fodder for the Anunnaki. We are always being divided all of the time throughout history. It will never end until a true Misia comes here and make things right. Thank you for the research that you do.

  23. Dera sir, I would like to take a minute to tell you how much your teachings resinate with me a great deal. You make it so clear and easy to see. I love your information.

  24. The true cause of this history is not gonna be found within the last 40,000 years history the cause is once again naga world order

  25. Spot on!     Enki may be Russia affiliated ….

  26. Great upload, many thanks. Gerald your mission is critical my friend

  27. totally agree and putin and any country fighting nwo will go down in historyhas a fight for freedom

  28. well, I really think they can plan wwIII all they want but unless they are prepared to actually do the grunt work, it won't happen. I don't know ONE person that buys war for any reason and the idea of millennials going to war is outright laughable. They under estimated the ME's / device addiction.

  29. Why is it Trump's reverse speech is spot on though? I've been stuck between Trump from the human perspective if he's good or bad as if it matters in this matrix from Thee ALL's perspective but David Icke speaks about how he's controlled by Israel, maybe I'm just getting sucked into the drama or simply just wishful thinking.

  30. This gold-powder elixir sounds like the "upper" pills Hitler/Nazi's gave to their troops to keep them going and not need much sleep!  Humanity is so deceived by any so called "god" who demands bloodshed an blood sacrifices! Even unto Christianity that demands Jesus blood sacrifice to be made acceptable!  Edgar Cayce readings says Jesus/Yeshua came to be a Wayshower for us and change the ways of the OT teachings that were harmful to the Jews in particular.  I'm glad I found you because I've been seeking this information for overt ten years.  Edgar Cayce is also a good source of information.

  31. Gerald,so why Uk give up the EURO community.Why do they left?

  32. Ok Gerald my current take on things.. every president has been subject to malevolent mind control. Enlil et al.. however, this time the military are engaged in a soft coup and are protecting President Trump with positive mind control. I believe Enki is assisting Trump forces along with Paladinsto insure he stay on the light side. Enki message to humanity warned of this in his message to humanity… including managing the Earth’s axis during Nirbiru passage. Now it’s not a big stretch that Enki is protecting Trump. I believe Trump will defeat his defeat Marduk and Enlil…51000 seal indictment, John McCain tried and dealt with by military tribunal. I believe Enki will take out Enlil and Marduk

  33. This is a little old but Gerald do you see a difference from then to Trump today

  34. Trump is making the defict even higher

  35. yes Wes penre YouTube talks Alot about this. Alot of his sources do remote viewing he said don't trust any of them they have been fighting for years with each other they all have narrisitic behavior and personality. they did create our avatar but we was already was powerful souls they tricked us into this hologram through deception and trapped us into this Hologram prison that's why he was telling us to remember who we are. anythings in this matrix is part of the deception. go to source it's pure awesomeness love and consiouness has no form. I was almost asleep and just about to fall asleep and went to this pure bliss and love and love like never exsperiance before it was like I was consiouness with source and everything no form no judgement just pure awareness consiouness and love. trust nothing with form any angelic being or out of body experience. we have been tricked in every way with overlords deep state and obe it's all part of this trickery that's been done to humans our whole exsistance they know how humans think better then we do they control us through dogma for so many years making us beleive we are dirty little sinners please we are so powerful and the powers that be are so fearful of the masses figuring this out. don't feed into fear and mind control .go to heart center .the ago is this hologram that's why are thoughts create our reality they live off fear energy and duality and hate energy they cant survive off love energy. step out of this matrix live from heart we could hault this evilness over night if humanity would wake up to all this fear racism and hate energy. if enough of us wake up we can have the 100 monkey effect on the consiouness on this planet. look up Dr Anderson he was only whistle-blower that left. he was in very high up deep state way above president. it's Dr Anderson and Anne interview. stay connected to source creator of everything and don't fear anything. love to you all. we are powerful we can win love over evil.

  36. So….
    My 1 question I have and I have thousands!
    Gearld you don’t like Trump, The other choice if there was such a thing was Hillary.
    At least Trump gives his salary away.
    He appears to doing away with the Federal reserve and the IRS.
    Money is supposedly going back to a gold standard.
    I don’t doubt for a minute that things aren’t controlled, but it appears to be more favorable than what the democrats believe.
    All we can hope
    Is that out consciousness rises and we can get out of
    This rut.
    There is so much INTELL out there that tells a story that things are changing for the better.

  37. There is an o slot of the light that is taking out the Drakos and any and all the darkness that is on this planet.

  38. Exactly … all Enlil has is higher technology and "stuff" what a … sicko almost all of them … psychopaths with technology … No sense of "all is 1" …

  39. 🙏Hello Gerald…
    I've listened again with a better understanding of your research. I am returning. Must be Starfire Gold which enhances my quest for knowledge and truth. It's fascinating. Look where we are. Is he a double agent? Faschi and Burks standing right beside him in his daily reports makes me think he is. Those two ought to be in jail along with a host of others. I like David Icke too. He's not a flim flam man like SO MANY in the "alternative media". He is a no holds barred true researcher and reporter and doesn't give a damn what people think about him. Thank you Gerald. Your reporting is right there too.🙏

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