5 Chess Games YOU MUST KNOW!

5 Chess Games You Must Know

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Game 1 – Morphy
7:28 Game 2 – Immortal
15:30 Game 3 – Evergreen
21:50 Game 4 – La Bourdonnais
28:32 Game 5 – Kasparov

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    لك خالص احترامي وتقديري
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  2. The trees sound is in a quantum state. So yes and no.

  3. If a tree were to fall in a forest, and there were nothing around to hear it, it would still create a sound. The vibrations in the air would still be present, there just isn't an ear drum and brain to decipher the waves.

  4. Naah, thumbnail shows only 4 boards. Clickbait !

  5. Adolf Anderssen has broken out of the matrix.

  6. OMFG that's a sailor's first mate, mate 🙂

  7. This was rly amusing and fascinating. Thx 🙂

  8. First game was played in a opera house
    It has lessons you should espouse
    People singing instruments playing
    While Morphy had his opponents praying

    Paul Morphy played white, two people played black
    Morphy sacked a knight with the winning attack

    From https://youtu.be/kXpNL71TsV8 "Morphy's Opera House Game (rap)"

  9. As per stockfish in game 3 whites move Nf6+ is a blunder and takes white from a +6.5 to +0.8 , however black gives it back with another blunder with Qxf3 . Black is probably lost with white showing +2.75, but the final nail in the coffin for black was playing Nxe7.
    Ofcourse the alternate moves in these situations are very hard to find, I would imagine, and probably even today only the best of the best can find the correct moves. Over all very beautiful games

  10. Levy's obviously sick at chess but his presentation and teaching skills and his blatant enthusiasm really make these videos. Really fun 36 minutes!

  11. Every game can be recorded and that helps. The most brilliant of chess players have extraordinary memories. Some can play simultaneous exhibitions blindfolded. I think that one of the keys to mastering this skill is being able to remember specific positions.

  12. The way he animated the games is just amazing and hilarious 😂 . Good job and I hope you continue posting contents like this 🔥

  13. Whats up with adolfs pushing it all the way to edge

  14. The theme in game no.5 is similar to the game of the century featuring bobby fisher.

  15. Magnus Carlesn and I have all of this down to win by structure these days. All of these videos required piece coordination more than raw tactics.

  16. These games are elevated by the enthusiasm and energy of the presenter. Great job 👍🏽 👏🏽

  17. I’m tryna learn chess. I’m realizing I’m just too stupid to get good at it.

  18. Game 4, could queen just move to c3 and cover all options… Yeah he loses a rook or a queen, but he can block mate at that point 👀

  19. 700 rapid here – I've been using these videos to use general theory in place of thinking for a full minute, and it's really helping my rating climb. Thanks!

  20. The best games everyone must know is found in a book by Irving chernav I believe it's called the 62 best games of Chess ever it's quite old maybe out of date in some places but Amazon will probably have it

  21. Brilliant block of the queen by Anderson in the immortal game!

  22. heres a valuable lesson. promote to knight and checkmate if you have 4+ minutes, rook for 10+ seconds, and queen for <1 seconds

  23. Karpov could have easily removed the octopus as soon as it was placed with bishop e2 and trade the bishop. or do I miss something ?

  24. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life

  25. It's not that hard to remember it when you know motives of each moves

  26. Bro the second game looks like it had fallen 20 moves already

  27. the plural of octopus is octopodes, its Greek, not latin.

    Great video, althugh I would have chosen for Kasparov the double rook sac vs Topalov but I agree with your reasoning as well

  28. There is no guarantee a forest still exists without an observer, according to science.

  29. I made those kinds of moves once, and I didn't even know what I was doing it just happened 😎


    After Rook×knight e.7
    Knight×Rook e.7
    Queen×Pawn d.7
    King only somewhat good move is to take queen d.7 (or king f8 then queen takes knight e.7 checkmate)
    So after king takes queen d.7 comes bishop b.5 double check with the bishop AND the rook
    Then if king c.8 bishop d.7 check king forced to d8 and then we have both dark bishop or pawn a.8 !!!!!

    Then i finished video thinking these are the possible checkmates, only to find out THERE ARE MORE,
    LEV my elo is 800-900 in rapid games (Rarely plays)

    Can 800-900 players come up with such checkmates or i need an official elo test (i could be wrong in my scenarios but i double checked and they all check xD)

  31. Better have bobby Fischer vs Boris spassky look into bobby Fischer he was built different

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