7 BEST Games in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit

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HUGE THANKS to John Hartmann from Chess Life, Zana Najjar and Rabia Ahmad from Netflix, and Olimpiu Urcan. ALL BIG GAMES WRITTEN BELOW!

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Consider this a review and reaction for the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit, portraying Elizabeth Harmon by Anya Taylor-Joy in her quest to chess glory and overcoming different kinds of obstacles and struggles.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Game 1 – Harry Beltik
Nezhmetdinov-Kasparian, 1955

5:43 Game 2 – Benny Watts
7:50 Game 3 – Georgi Girev (Mexico)
Jakovenko-Stellwagen, 2007

10:18 Game 4 – GAME 1 vs. BORGOV
Stein-Matanovic, 1965

14:19 Game 5 – GAME 2 vs. BORGOV
Megaranto – Dominguez Perez, 2006

16:46 Game 6 – LUCHENKO
Petrosian – Akopian, 1980s

19:22 Game 7 – BORGOV
Ivanchuk – Wolff, 1993

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  1. Levy seams way more lifeless here than he is now… so little energy.

  2. episode 3 2:20 look at the map pls WTF central america is as wide as US. Canada have some wired tail at the top and portugal is super close to the america. they wasn't able to find normal map? becouse in 1966 there was already normal maps.

  3. Me: *Farts on the chess board*
    Random Grandmaster: Ah yes, the classic thunderflow attack.

  4. Beth Harmon “Borgov is unbeatable”
    Mittens “hold my bear”

  5. Anticlimactic ending. Should have finished with en passant checkmate, now that would be outrageous!

  6. 16:16 I think Queen a7 would be a good move because it puts pressure on Bishop a8 and also puts pressure on Bishop b7 which is kinda fork of pressure

  7. What a great movie! Not just for the chess – the rest of the story is very moving also.

  8. as a Russian, my whole family thought Levi was from Israel by his accent. when he said, queens gambit, or ферзевый гамбит, I immediately knew that he had the best Russian accent, or he is Russian. Not trying to be racist, just pointing this out.

  9. Great analysis and I agree that the series is worth watching. I have only watched it twice but I'll probably watch it third time with my children. And the soundtrack is superb, too.

    I think Breaking Bad and the Sherlock starred by Benedict Cumberbatch may be even better series but Queen's Gambit is top 3 series ever that I've watched.

  10. Analysis the full game what the fuckk

  11. 21:53 there’s a bad continuity error here. The queen and bishop have been misplaced. Surprised this slipped through in the biggest scene of the show.

  12. Your russian pronouncing of "ферзевый гамбит" is so good😊

  13. Hikaru’s ceiling vs Beth Harmon ceiling!!!!!
    Epic game!!

  14. I love how mayonaise isnt smelling like mayonaise

  15. Wow……… Couldn't possibly thank you enough for doing what so many of us couldn't [or wouldn't] but so desperately wanted. Perfect addition to finish this incredible series. Cant wait to watch again [this and series] but with this as an accompaniment. You are the best for doing this as if u already don't work hard enough lol you are a machine!

  16. The saddest thing is that, mr Shaible couldn’t even witness her beating borgov 😔

  17. Levy, please so a brief review of Beth playing on the mini chess board on the plane in episode 3: she makes quite a lot of illegal moves…

  18. love the videos bro ur my favorite chess player, mainly cause you are masivly entertaining in my opinion.
    And u have taught me so much I know the scandanvian defense because of u ,
    and u have really made me feel astho
    u were teaching me face to face .
    And I think the ability to be entertaining and teach at the same time is what makes you my favorite chess player . Keep up the good work love you bro .

  19. a movie about chess is gotta be one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard, I think ill watch it for the same reason I watch trash isekai's

  20. I watched the series but never thlught of it andanalyzed it that much. Thanks for doing that, because now i know what was going on there

  21. The book isn't rated for players under 18, rather adult like. Great book though.

  22. levy calling it a great game
    while magnus: why people are surprised? its obvious borgov is losing !

  23. Beth: plays 1.e4

    Gotham: so this game is loosely based on a game from the world championship in 1972

  24. I saw reviews of the queen’s gambit board game

  25. after all that hype i was really disappointed..

  26. if the queens gambit was a book, what would be on the back of the book?

  27. Loved the game against Luchenko, so wholesome and probably the only game in the show where Beth respects his oponent lol

  28. He's congratulating the show or something like that even when benny talked trash about the caro kann

  29. I surely will watch , get me a netflix acc first

  30. Why not just take the bishop with the rook instead of f5?

  31. Whenever I watched her very first game with the janitor, after he brought the bishop out on move 2, I was like, “oh no she’s gonna fall for the scholar’s mate.” And then she did and I laughed so hard 😂

  32. man the music in this video made me cry like a baby

  33. Borgov playing such a terrible move immediately after adjournment is meant to signal that he is not playing normally and wants to talk to the CIA. That’s the real Queen’s Gambit

  34. As someone who has watched the show, I can confirm, those clips AND sound are indeed from the show. Thank you Levy!

  35. He didnt end the video with “Now get out of here”

  36. i know im late but they messed up the scene at 21:52, the white bishop and the queen are one square to the left of their actual position.

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