A Grandmaster Plays a Beginner | Chess Mastery Explained

In this video, I play a fifteen-minute game on Chess.com against a player rated approximately 1200, talking through each of my moves and explaining both my opponent’s mistakes as well as the strategies that led me to a swift and crushing victory.

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  1. Is this more like monopoly or checkers I’m lost 🙂

  2. "He's moved his King to H1 and now it's time for a series of crushing blows" this guy is an evil mastermind lol

  3. Why can't 1200s blunder like that against me

  4. love this stuff, so well explained, even i can understand it! well done Daniel.

  5. You said securely fastened 😂 I turned around in my kitchen and was like huuuuuh😂 I’m a helo mechanic 😂 we use those words everyday😂

  6. You could have just conclusively said he will reconnect, since this would never have been posted if he didn't

  7. Nice talking for 2 minutes straight at the start

  8. After watching Mikhail Tal dropping his Bishop back in the beginning of the Ruy Lopez i never forgot! (Also nice rook sac at 15:06 prying open the kings side there. Beautiful. )

  9. Im a beginner, I think I have very modest potential I can destroy basically any other beginner I know, like family members or friends. I can follow openings and react to mid game very well but man, positioning yourself for checkmate just breaks my brain I cannot checkmate my opponent like at all. Its the hardest part of chess for me

  10. And here I am getting forked left and right by these 600 dudes smh.

  11. if white moved his King to H2 first, Black Queen delivers mate on F4

  12. At 9:14 u had to take his queen first with the knight check
    Then when he moves the king u take the knight with your queen

  13. This video brought me from my plateau at 900 to 1200 within a month, thank you

  14. just a white guy with a rocket launcher says:

    So basically me playing against other people in my school

  15. This dude is seriously auto fellating himself over playing against a chess beginner lol

  16. The first thing I did when I was trying to improve was google "chess master vs beginner" and this was super insightful. Thank you for introducing me to how hard chess can be.

  17. 5:00 Just asking. Would have been useful to him to sacrifice the White bishop to check your King making you lose your tower swap? Following with a Knight check of course.

    (I'm not a good chess player, just want to get good at thinking)

  18. I think Daniel should be using an account with the same rating as the opponent so that we can see what happens in a real game. I mean which 1200 would put a fight against a GM. Mostly they already know they have lost the game even before it starts

  19. I know someone 2200 they call themselves a beginner because they don't have any official title.. I'm like.. good for you man! 😒

  20. This was great. I learned a lot about how to develop your pieces. I'm the guy that will just move a bishop early on one or two positions away without thinking about where it would be most effective

  21. Daniel you're awesome man, these videos help a lot.

  22. 14:24 if knight takes g4 you get 2 pawns and an exposed enemy king. Do you think there is anything there?

  23. bruh even I know more ruy lopez theory(closed chigorin variation and berlin main line) than the 1400, and I am a 1000

  24. I hope I'm not 1200 which apparently is a "beginner" when I get my rating next year. I'm 1200 online, but I've beated people at higher ratings OTB at my local club. I'm still practicing before I play external later this year.

  25. Is Bf5 at 4:17 is actually a blunder, Knight takes the e5 pawn and if white retakes with knight, bishop and knight gets forked with the d pawn

  26. Danya has a plethora of valuable content on his channel but this video in particular is one I refer to and share with anyone I know in the 1000-1200 range who is looking to improve their decision making process.

  27. Is there a playlist of all the videos in this series? Thanks!

  28. You improved not only chess but my IELTS score as well. Thanks a lot 😍😍

  29. Hi! I've never played Chess seriously before, but entering this video with the intention of learning how a GM plays in order to write a character for a book I'm working on. If you're interested in my takeaways from this video, keep reading! And if you want to add something to my notes or correct me in some way, feel free to do so!

    -Chess is a game that prioritize defense over offense; or, put in a better way, it prioritizes good positioning over a good in-the-moment play. You can notice that by seen how both players decided to retried their pieces when they were under attack.

    -If an opponent's piece is under more threads than they have defenses, it's worth taking them (most of the time, this rule of thumb clearly have a lot of exceptions). This is due to the fact that, when a piece takes an opponent's piece, they occupy their place. If you have more threads than they have ways to respond to said threads, you can keep taking their pieces until they don't have enough defenses. Smart!

    -Chess is all about preparing and planning for the future. The start of the game is about which pawns you move in order to lead way to more powerful, useful pieces, follow by a phase (I assume the phases of the game actually have names, similarly to how League of Legends have "Early, Mid and Late Game") in which both players try to interrupt the opponent's strategy while preparing themselves to deliver their own, putting pressure under key pieces (for example, using the principle said in the note previous to this one).

    -Mistakes are made when you fail to understand the opponent's moves and intentions. I assume at beginner's level this is quite important, while for expert players this is mostly trivial; however, it's important for me to note this since I'll be talking to the general public, who tend to not be that dexterous. If an opponent makes a move, and you don't quite understand it, you're risking yourself to plan ahead, only for your opponent to break your plans and take over the game.

    Hope you liked my insights. Thanks for reading!

  30. I would have lmao if you said GGEZ at 12:00 😂extremely rude but hilarious to joke about.

  31. hey man you do the best explanations, asking chat questions is good.

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