Advanced Game Analysis – GM Ben Finegold – 2014.01.29

Grandmaster Ben Finegold presents a lecture for advanced players at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.


  1. I’m sorry but what’s between KEN west and finegold? Any reason why he keeps picking on him?

  2. A draw by three repetitions of stalemate claim HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Genius!

  3. i have to give credit to the kid who played the first game for holding out so long.

  4. You are awesome! Yes, it strokes your ego, but so what? You are awesome. I enjoyed this video very much, thanks man.

  5. Can you please provide the pgns for your avanced game analysis at the st. Louis chess club especially the game that appears the 10:34 ticker in the 50 minute video. It lcooks like an mirrored tit for tat stonwall defense. What is the opening called. Another chess player on YouTube from the midwest 3jbenett on lichess is alsoan otb chess player at his checlub & regional tournament play. He gives live commentary durig his matches about his moves as well as his opponents
    He can tell within a few moves that is sicilian dragon variation, which openigs start out as a queen gambit accepted orva queen gambit declined. In the live game he seems to know on thevfly. This opebing becoms transposed into another opening with movinh a certain piece or a combination of moves. He suggested that I get modern chess openings by waler korn. Modern chess openings a blue book. They have openingsvwith a table showing a myriad of subsequent moves. The last book i bought in this vein was fundamental chess openings. I have fritz 15 &16. Ibwould love an app that has the counter noves to;the sicilian, kings Indian etc

  6. Gee …..where were you Ben..when I was 18?……..Oh….yeah….you were not born yet!!…..Thanks for you teaching!

  7. Someone please put out of my misery as I cant find the mate 45 minutes in when g2 x f3. If white defends with his Q he seems to end up with a solid defence and a good queen sided attack supported by the knight. Ben says its mate and he is never wrong but I cant see it!! E.g. g2 x f3, Rg8; Qb4 Qg7; Qe1. Doesnt that stop the mate? Even if black gets a rook to g2 cant white just ignore it? White maybe needs the Q on d1 to cover the knight sacrifice and he can just sit it out while he pushes his Queen side pawns supported by the knight. All black's pieces are now tied up out of the game. What move have I missed for Black? I've been looking for ages and its driving me nuts. Loving your lectures Mr Finegold and you are slowly draggin me out of retirement. Thanks.

  8. First time I learned something looking at a fine gold lecture…

  9. He is a terrible teacher. The disparaging comments are meant to lighten the mood and put people at ease but in the long run it causes angst.

  10. Ben is so funny, I love his tutorials

  11. 9:57 Qxa2 is not that good move …. black could play Qa5 and force a trade of queens and win the pawn back later easily, or just Rxa2 Pxa2; Ka3 => Pawn can queen on a1, but is trapped and after 4 moves (Ke3, 0-0, Ke1, Kc2) the queen is forced to trade for a piece. Or there's something I don't see. I mean black can win the pawn on e4, but still, black loses a queen for a rook, a piece and a pawn.

  12. Wait a minute! I miscalculate everything! Hooray! I think like a Grandmaster!

  13. What is the program being used here, where you can make proposed moves, see the resulting position, then return to the original position?

  14. This man is the Rodney Dangerfield of Chess

  15. Arrogant mediocre nogood. Cant take anything too seriously you say. In the end, you are just max around 2500. Nothing too spectacular

  16. I've never even met this guy, but I love him

  17. A half chess master and a half comedian. I like Ben!!

  18. He played a move I expected, I couldn't believe it, that's deep

  19. Thank you Ben for your instructional masterpieces. I very much enjoy learning from you. Rarrr! 🙂

  20. 19:46 Ben Finegold discovered the wooden shield before QVC, he just stole his idea. I guess that's why Ben hates him.

  21. I wish he wouldnt get so side tracked telling jokes and would try to stick with the teaching and explaining aspect. I feel like I can get lost in what's happening because he will stop talking about chess and go on a 3 min joke tangent. I mean he is personable and funny dont get me wrong but sometimes it can confuse others as to what's going on

  22. ok, too advanced, back to the kid's class it is

  23. "What's my favorite Sicilian?"
    Me: "The Paulsen attack? The Scheveningen?"
    "Pizza, come on"


  24. "Ahhh… I didn't see king F2!" I lost it completely, I laughed for 10 minutes.

  25. 8:35 this is what I thought…..I said G5 too Dx I literally skipped an entire move in my head, I thought queen just takes…..

  26. 29:43 anyone know why the knight is the only defense for A6? Ben says it's the only thing that defends A6…. what about rook A8 or Bishop E2?

    EDIT: ok maybe not rook to A8…. whoops ;D

    Also, bishop E2 would stop his rook to C4…. I must be missing something, there is no way that's too sneaky for ben to see, and I'm sure he's analyzed it with the computer.

  27. what is the name of the song in the intro?

  28. It's so weird to hear "Let's call a random student" and not have it be followed up with "You!" or "Arjun!"

  29. @35:00 "He was alive then, when he played me…"

    I think I was alive before 35:00, I died laughing… RIP…

  30. Ben, you are GREAT at breaking things down . Thank you! <3

  31. "Attack with all your pieces. And occasionally you should defend with some pieces too" -Ben Finegold

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