Always Analyze Your Wins Chess

This didn’t come from a stream! It’s piping hot fresh content made for YouTube, I swear!

I’m playing on — these aren’t sponsored videos but the site seems pretty cool.

Chess has been having a resurgence in popularity this year so I have finally acquiesced to semi-popular demand and started to play a bit. First, let’s hone our skills and get a little more warmed up and then let’s conquer chess dot com one board gamer at a time.

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About this game:

the horse moves like an L


  1. I know you get this a lot in the YT videos. But I think you should play a slightly slower time control just to make sure you are not loosing on time because you spend so much calculating.
    However, since streams "demands" fast games instead of going for really slow games like 15+10 you could try 5+5 (Which is a bit slower than current and will give you some times to not loose on time as frequently) and eventually switch to 5+0 or 3+2 once you are more confident on your opening and tactics/premoves

  2. Seconding the suggestion to play a 3+2 time control kinda thing

  3. We have been blessed with yuts on top of dunks today.

  4. I see fresh chess content on YouTube, I pog up. It's that simple.

  5. Omg, i restarted playing chess because of NL, initially my elo was ~1100 and my goal was to get a higher elo than him. Finally I got to 1480 in blitz yesterday and lo and behold NL is 1377. All it took was for him to play terribly for a week

  6. Going slower … thank fuck … ive never been a fan of bullet

  7. Thanks bald father, I'll always analyze my wins chess from now on.

  8. No stress about having frequent chess videos, any chess is a gift!

  9. Literally any move being up +20 is excellent haha

  10. Great time to take a second and comment for the algorithm

  11. Northernlion is trying to tank so he gets invited to Pogchamps 4

  12. thats why you dont play blitz without increment..

  13. I need some help! I'm looking for one of NLs chess videos were he plays really well and finds a move that at first seems a bit risky but turns out was one of few good ones. It's not the brilliant move, most creative attack or the most beautiful checkmate. I recall the move he found ocurred on the left side of the board

  14. How dare he not parenthesis the game title.

  15. No need to play with longer time control, but play with increments. Or you are forced to play incredibly fast towards the endgame.

  16. I think you'd gain 100 rating points instantly if you just try to get castled asap in your games. Castling is of the essence in the opening.

  17. NL: gets checkmate in 12 or under.

    Luna: I sleep

  18. Egg only lost the second game cause he didn't play the line he was analyzing. Smh. Something something lionLate

  19. Analyze the whole game, Bb2 was winning, attacking the Queen and the Bishop. 5:12

  20. Is it still called "getting weird with it" if you "get weird with it" every game

  21. The pendulum swings. From needing to play faster to needing to play slower and either way… You lose on time. There's a beautiful analogy somewhere in here about the inevitability of our ends no matter which path we choose.

  22. Resident sleeper to few chess videos need baby and the boomer vs randoms in chess

  23. About this game:

    the horse moves like an L


  24. Try the Polish Opening next time NL, 1. B4 E5 2. A3
    1. B4 D5 2. BB2

  25. Good sir, I beg thee to return to 10 minutes.

  26. "You pretty much have to get…
    blown out"

  27. Always Analyse, Your Wins Chess

  28. Bullet is such a quick hit of chess it's hard to go back to the slower games.

  29. Oooh, some YouTube exclusive chess? I missed this one.

  30. It always amazes me just how much programming jargon NL remembers (and uses properly) for someone who – if I remember correctly – only studied it and never worked in the field

  31. I thought you maybe should have moved the bishop but seeing black take with the queen was worth it.

  32. 17:00 – What is it called when you do a bunch of analysis on a move, but still make the wrong one? A brain slip?

  33. I love your chess content my man , let's get weird

  34. Love the content, and will reiterate 3+2 may be good so the endgames don't run out.

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