Amateur Chess Analysis with Alec Torelli

International Master Danny Rensch is joined once against by Poker Star, Alec Torelli, to take on members and analyze their mistakes from the perspective of an improving amateur player. See what Danny and Alec off this time, with focus on the Sicilian and French openings during this hour long lecture.

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  1. Danny is back! We need more content Danny! More chessrivals, more crazy blitztimes and bulletbrawls. Its been too long

  2. Alec interrupting Danny every 2 seconds is driving me mad 😡

  3. god alec stfu, seriously. interrupting danny in every 2nd sentence is so damn annoying

  4. This guy.. trying to sound smart when he has no clue what he's actually talking about.. only repeating what danny says.

  5. Yeah Danny, I'm sorry but you gotta give Alec some lessons on how to cast a show because he doesn't understand the timing of responses, passing the baton back and forth, the relationship between the "novice" vs the "master" analysis, clarity of message, tone, etc. Go commentary is actually a great example of this where a 1P might commentate with a 9P (though I guess that's a little more like an NM and a 2800) and ask the "rudimentary" questions then leave space for the master to expand on the topic.

  6. Alec doesn't seem to have respect for Danny. Not sure why Danny chose to waste so much time on him, Alec isn't even taking chess seriously. It would be better to have a more humble and willing student on amateur hour, not some self described poker pro gracing the chess world with his presence. @#!

  7. I really like these videos!! Thanks Danny!! You're awesome

  8. Awesome line of the french. Looks wild.

  9. To all people bitching about Alec interrupting. Number 1: There is audio lag, calm down. Number 2: They were both talking over each other at times. Number 3: I know you all are obsessed with Danny, but try not to get butt hurt when you felt he has been disrespected.

  10. Alec is simply awful at this. Bring back Hutch. Way better amateur.

  11. Maybe if you're a 1800 blitz player you shouldn't be watching a video called, "Amateur Hour". I thought this community was supposed to be about encouraging more people to become interested in chess, but so far every comment has been, "The amateur doesn't really understand the game, and I hate him for it!"

  12. Great explanation of why the C5 pawn is called the poison pawn in the French.

  13. Haha at 56:57, "just because in general chess you don't push the h-pawn". Surely he never watched Simon's videos :D:D

    And I think the comments on Alec are a bit to harsh. Though partly true I still thought it was a good show and he asked some good questions. Saying he has no respect for Danny or chess in general doen't seem fair, he seemed quite interested.

  14. My USCF rating is 1244 so would I be considered an amateur?

  15. I really like the idea here but can I make a suggestion? Give yourself normal time so you don't hav to play so fast and pre-move. The games are really hard to follow…I have to keep pausing just to figure out what moves I just saw–especially when there was a pre-move.. 🙂

  16. I believe Alec is a quick learner and should not be harrashed for his unrelevant comments!

  17. when will be the next amatuer hour? @Daniel Rensch

  18. Danny chess live needs some help and support. One or the other or both would be nice. The only thing they do is tell you that help and support isn't for social chat. Well where is the help?!!!!!!

  19. The checkmating of amateurs in less than 30 seconds is one of the more impressive things I've seen in my web surfing of chess videos. Regardless of their rating or disadvantaged time controls, this is terrific to watch! More of these themed videos please! You really have a niche here as I haven't seen anyone attempt this type of feat. Bravo!

  20. Am I the only one who likes Alec? Although he obviously doesn't have as much knowledge as Danny, I feel like he brings up a lot of things beginning players such as me benefit from talking about.

  21. Please do more of this Danny…! and you don't need an amateur to be with you. There is a reason you are a chess coach.

  22. 44:47 Other than being a great teacher and chess commentator, I've always admired how Daniel is pretty clean, respectful, and professional. He also has a nice sense of humor that isn't crude. I appreciate that, Daniel!

  23. The comments about Alec are way harsh. He doesn't interrupt every two seconds, and yes, he is sometimes clueless but that's why he is on here. If you want something on a higher level you should watch a different show. This is called amateur hour for a reason.

  24. Give Alec a break. He's a good guy and it's a great show. If you don't like it don't watch. Pretty simple.

  25. what isthe purpose of this show on youtube??

  26. Alec definitely strikes me as the type that does stuff like this just to talk about it later.

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