Analysis: Day 107 of my Journey to 2000

In this video I analyze Day 107 of my Journey to 2000. Hopefully by reflecting on my chess games I will be able to be a chess master 🙂

62% Accuracy


  1. Grr I was bouncing off the walls on this game!!!!!🤦🤦🤦 Not your fault though it was mine 😢 did a lesson on clearance sacrifices and then watched this game NOT DOING THAT AGAIN!!!!!! I think I'll watch the game FIRST THEN do lessons!!!!!…..sigh

  2. When you gave up the 2 rooks for a queen, your opponent took a knight to begin with, so in reality, it was a knight + a queen for two rooks.

    Edit: nvm, didn't finish watching the video lol.

  3. your time management is very bad. sometimes you just stare at positions where you really have only 1 move or just spend a lot of time thinking on too many moves, etc. when you are playing 10-0 you need to realize you only have time for about 3-5 deep thinks per game, and with you its like 1-2 because sometimes you just get asked a question in a position and will take 5 minutes looking at it.

    Conclusion: You belong in a different time control.

  4. Would you have resigned if he won your queen with a discovered check?

  5. Hi Patrick, been watching your games the last week or so, and good to see you going through the mill, we've all done it. Rather than give you tactics you missed, (we all miss tactics), what i can say is from this game, if there's one thing to be learned, is never leave pieces undefended. It opens up tactical opportunities for your opponent. It's a golden rule. Anyone sharper you lost your Q and game over. It will bode you well in your quest to become 2000. Good luck my man.

  6. damn that's soo so instructive, I can see you do/miss most of the thing I should work on! also your reasoning of move is understandable for my level and really relatable. keep up the good work ❤

  7. It was actually 2 rooks for a queen and knight making it 10 points for 12 points. Never mind I watched the end of the video where you saw it.

  8. Some days one just has brain farts! You’re still getting better every game

  9. Saw a comment on the time control for you. It’s kind of true that you belong in another time control, but not really. It’s more of a case that you will need to develop a habit of thinking and decision making that will help you. Not only in this time control, but in any time control. I think if you moved to a longer time control you would simply waste time in the same way as you do now, but do it for longer.

    So more on that at some future point. I think you have enough habits to gain mastery of already. Any more and it will only paralyse you further.

    Get comfortable implementing the things you have already learned and your rating will go up past 1600.

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