Analysis: Day 112 of my Journey to 2000

In this video I analyze Day 112 of my Journey to 2000. Hopefully by reflecting on my chess games I will be able to be a chess master 🙂

71% Accuracy


  1. Too many things happening in this game to give a helpful critique about. The main thing is that you are now developing in your opening and looking for moves that have double functions as you develop and improve pieces. Moving forward, try and keep that opening mindset into the middle game, where instead of developing a piece whilst also defending or attacking, you transition to improving the placement of a piece to defend or attack. Or simply improve a piece to build up pressure over time. Pawn moves near your King whilst Queens and lots of pieces are still on the board are decisions to be very wary of. If you have an alternative plan that you can find, or if you can make a slow improving move, that’s most often a better long term choice, especially whilst still learning.

  2. b5 is a mistake because look at Nc6, it has no defense, and the rook is on that diagonal, your bishop is on g2.
    Ne5 dxe5 Bxc6 then black needs to save rook, and you recapture the pawn being up a central-pawn probably (and get some initiative).


  3. 14. dxc4 is the best move because after recapturing the pawn, the c pawn is weak

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