1. Once you make a !! If you follow the engine line you get more !!

  2. Help me out. Why didn’t the king take bishop on h2?

  3. Never had a brilliant move ever lol man gets 3 in a row

  4. Bro looks like 2 spoon Fabiano mixed into 1 cup of alireza firouja

  5. i had a brilliant by taking on h2 with a bishop too

  6. It was a Greek gift a 2200 pretending to be surprised to confused 700s

  7. Im sure that this dude has nice guy syndrome and his girlfriends cehat on him all the time

  8. Why is Ng4 brilliant? It’s not sacking the knight as far as I can see and quitte simply it looks like an automatic move.

  9. bruh i had a position just like this and recognized it cuz this video but didnt know what to do

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