ANALYSIS of Sam Shankland’s PREMOVE in Chess Olympiad 2022

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  1. too much of online chess dude! too much.

  2. Had over 2 minutes on clock. Acted as if it was a bullit game. What a blunder.

  3. Do the rules require you to move the piece that you touched when it was not your move? If so, since your opponent knows your next move, they can play an unrelated move that results in heavy material loss or mate threat that you cannot now address because you are forced to play the pre-designated move.

  4. What Sam did is from an amateur player. As simple as that. He had two minutes to play, he couldn't control his nerves, and he made a move as if he were playing on a computer.

  5. I was really confused how premove is possible OTB, this isn't really a premove after all but its a very rare and interesting situation nonetheless

  6. I know no one cares, but there was another trick in the position (instead of Qg2): Qb7 Qc4+ Kg3 Qxa4 (blunder) Qg2 Kc1 Qb2+ Kd1 Bc3 Qd7 Qb1+ Ke2 Qe1+ Kd3 Qd2+ and we win the queen

  7. Peter talked about 'scoring the ugly runs'- apt commentary. Sam seemed more nervous than his opponent with roughly 5 times the time he had than his opponent. tough luck!

  8. Really great commentary. Try watching the board. Might help.

  9. This is a result of on line pre moving. I mean he is a Super GM and got plenty of Time this is OTB not Online ….

  10. Mind over matter. Shankland calculated variations leading to check on the first rank which was possible move by his opponent. That variation didn't leave his mind and until the actual execution of touching the king. Shankland was a victim of that psychological impression.

  11. In the UK we would say that Sam should have gone to Specsavers! (they are opticians)

  12. I guess my question is: even if his opponent DID play Queen check, wouldn't Sam have had to write down his opponent's move before playing his own?

  13. Shankland has done well for the US team. Through round 7 he's scored 3 points out of 5 matches played which is better than Caruana and equal to Aronian.

  14. Momentarily lapse of reason….Pink Floyd..

  15. He build a very good defense only to blunder in the end. What a sad story. USA would have been on the top of standings already. The pressure put a toll on Shankland.

  16. Sam looked very tense and nervous before the blunder, in spite of having more time on the clock in a drawn position.
    But in this tournament, he has nevertheless played better than Caruana, who now has his lowest rating since 2013.

  17. Why think long if your team is winning? Make it a draw.

  18. Analysis of both commentators not paying attention to the board.

  19. Sorry for Sam and the USA team. The moral of the story is then, 'don't live in your assumption.'

  20. Never seen a live action of Premove before lmao

  21. I feel sad for Sam, He went through so much positional torture to save that horrible position, When game was almost drawn, This happened..

  22. The only American player on the American team is their worst player

  23. 93.Ke2.. still resists a few moves , as 93. …QxQ+, doesn't work for 95.KxQ; with the idea Kc4 and Kb5 picking the pawn

  24. Lmao what a fkup for a 2700-rated pro! 😅

    But then, we all know how taxing and cruel chess can be…😢

  25. To all who wonder why he would even touch the king he expected Qh1+ but unfortunately Hovhannisyan played Qg2

  26. I get that the position was a losing one, but weren’t they both close to time trouble? Why not play it out instead of resigning anyway

  27. As a medium level player this is pretty astonishing with a 30s increment

  28. USA would have beaten Armenia and been in clear first if Shankland had drawn this game.

  29. This is the biggest choke since this guy missed 4 straight free throws at the end of Game 1 of the 1995 NBA Finals.

  30. Would be good to show why it's a blunder. Good job.

  31. It’s interesting that everybody says that Armenia got lucky but nobody mentions that Armenia’s strongest player now plays for the US. Think of this error as the price USA paid for the Armenian player.

  32. I don't understand why touch is used today. Who cares he touched it? How does that prove one person is better. Stupid rule..always has been. Go by what is PLAYED

  33. Sam Shankland's opponent looks like in the audition who sings,"Ahhhhhhhh" and then the judges laughs.

  34. For those who think they are too clever and playing before writing opponent's move haha for you here is a big funny example for Sam Shankland who thinks he is clever and forces opponent's time to drop.Both unprofessional and stupid.Well deserved though.

  35. lol The two Peters making completely irrelevant commentaries and failing to, not explain, but even describe whats is happening.

  36. what I like about sam shankland here is he is honest, some people will cover it up and make excuses

  37. BTW for those wondering Qc4+ instead of ‘Kc2’ would have led to a draw by force something I’m 100% sure Sam would have played if he’d realised Qg2 had been played instead of the expected Qh1

  38. Commentators very slow to react to Sam's last move.

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