ANALYSIS of Sam Shankland’s PREMOVE in Chess Olympiad 2022

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  1. the commentaotrs didnt even notice sam touched his king, so he has to move in, sam is a gentleman he wont pretend he didnt touch it

  2. Leko is got to be the worse commentator his voice is so ugly to listen to

  3. It wasn't a premove in computer chess terms.

  4. Maybe we need to relax this rule. The rule saying that you need to move the piece you touched. My argument is that, the rules force you to move the piece you touched but they also allow that if you made your move without tapping on the clock, you are free to change your move with the piece you touched. You cannot change the piece, but you can change the square it moved. That's also absurd to me. If you allow it, then you can also allow touching on pieces. In this case, the only definition of the move is to hit the clock. Before then, anythings goes. Hitting the clock is the no turning back point.

  5. What if he had insisted on playing the illegal move? Wouldn't that still not lose immediately

  6. Unfortunate, some good defense was abt to come. No worries Sam. Nice fighting.

  7. 2:44 "look at Robert, he just completely in shock"
    Meanwhile Robert: laughing

  8. Peter S using a cricket reference for an event being played in India. So apt.

    Well-done Peter.

  9. Sam and his strange stories. He has resigned after achieving a well known fortress, he has bluffed in world cup(1st time blundering a piece, after opponent misses it he left it hanging and played something else in hope that he won't see it), now he did this. I am sure there is more

  10. aint it something like real life flagging? 😯

  11. Can't believe Leko actually predicted what had happened!

  12. Sam was scoring ugly runs for his team, but then he left a straight one and got out.

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