Analyze to win – 1 | Playing blitz and analyzing to improve

Can playing online chess be useful and help you to improve your games? IM Sagar Shah starts a new series where he plays one game with a serious time control ( 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment). He tries his best in the game and then goes on to analyze the game. This teaches you how you can use your own online games to analyze, improve and get better.

ChessBase 16 that Sagar uses to analyze:

ChessBase 16+ Mega Database 2021 a perfect tool for ambitious players:

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Great idea, sagar sir
    Continue the series and waiting for the next episode

  2. After Vishy sir, Sagar sir you are definitely the most respected chess personality according to me

  3. Why does Sagar bhaiya look like Levon Aronian in the thumbnail 🤔

  4. Thanks Sagar, This is a great series. It would be even better if you also include one game from your discord family and ask them to analyse and you guide whether it is done correctly. This way we will get 2 games analysis every episode.

  5. Loving this series,pls continue for our improvement

  6. 2:25 oh man mujhe lgta tha free pawn h iss position mai … I used to take it but my opponent doesn't know about this trap🙄… Thanks sagar sir❤️🙃

  7. Informative analysis! ❤️
    Would love to see more of these

  8. Yeah sir sure. This is a good initiation for beginners

  9. Sagar bhai please do continue this series by playing in play chess. It helps a lot in calculation and seeing tactics. In correspondence games, I analyse the position by playing moves in analysis mode and after confirming the advantage, I play those moves.

  10. This is a great idea for a series! Thanks Sagar bhai!

  11. can you please strike hikaru's channel? the guy is disrespectful

  12. This is such a great idea. I always hear to analyze my games but never had someone to show me how.

  13. Sagar sir I learned a lot from this 18 min video keep going on. ❤

  14. Yes sir good idea please analysis one game daily !

  15. One who analizes a blitz game is stupid – Rashid Nezhmetdinov

  16. Want to watch you playing in the title Tuesday…. There will be strong opponents..but it helps you improving… if you have time..Please try to play title Tuesday…. 😊👍🏼

  17. Sagar Bhai GM chess pe Ivanchuk ko bula sakte ho ,please🙏

  18. @ChessBase India Thanks Sagar bhai for this. This will help me improve a lot based on my own mistakes. Also learnt how to analyze games from other platforms on ChessBase.

  19. Please continue this series, its great. Also please let us know if its possible to do this through the app, instead of on pc or laptop. If yes, then a video for a go through of the app would be the best.

  20. will try to implement this with Fat Fritz 2. Thanks a lot sir

  21. Chess Legend Sagar Shah!! Btw I stay just next to where you stay at Tilaknagar. Cases are rising in this area as this area is very close to Kurla. Stay safe and recover soon!

  22. Continue this so that we can also improve.

  23. Bhaiyya please try the dark mode theme, I believe you'll like that more.. It's better for most viewers as well..

  24. Very useful video post many videos like this in this series

  25. Sagar Shah please do some more ' Analyze to win' videos.

  26. I want more videos like this Sagar Bhai!!this is improving my chess

  27. Sir, The calculation you have shown on 2:20 is a bit different from my calculation because, Bxh6, Nxe4, fxe4, Qh4+, Kf1, The queen can't take the bishop as the queen is defending it, but the black bishop can take.

  28. @2:15 Sagar: Ooo.. its a very typical trap
    Me 1800 lichess: seeing it for the first time

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