Anand’s Immortal ♔ Aronian vs. Anand, Tata Steel 2013 ♔ ASMR Chess analysis of a historical game

Aronian vs. Anand, Tata Steel 2013 is one of the most beauitful and amazing games ever played, and it naturally fits in my series on the immortal games.

Please note that this is an ASMR video and is made to relax your mind and help you drift off to sleep while you slowly get lost in the beautiful chess universe.

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[Event “Tata Steel Group A”]
[Site “Wijk aan Zee NED”]
[Date “2013.01.15”]
[EventDate “2013.01.12”]
[Round “4”]
[Result “0-1”]
[White “Levon Aronian”]
[Black “Viswanathan Anand”]
[ECO “D47”]
[WhiteElo “2802”]
[BlackElo “2772”]
[PlyCount “46”]

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 e6 5. e3 Nbd7 6. Bd3 dxc4
7. Bxc4 b5 8. Bd3 Bd6 9. O-O O-O 10. Qc2 Bb7 11. a3 Rc8
12. Ng5 c5 13. Nxh7 Ng4 14. f4 cxd4 15. exd4 Bc5 16. Be2 Nde5
17. Bxg4 Bxd4+ 18. Kh1 Nxg4 19. Nxf8 f5 20. Ng6 Qf6 21. h3
Qxg6 22. Qe2 Qh5 23. Qd3 Be3 0-1


  1. 50 mins well spent ! Thank you for this storytelling + analysis 🙂

  2. 34:33 If white moved there dark squares bishop to d2 and then played pawn takes bishop then I think they would be fine because the rook is cleared, but unfortunately he can’t have that extra move

  3. 24 moves spanning 50 minutes sounds pretty crazy right? In the first three minutes of the video, each side played 15 moves each, leaving the remains 9 moves for each side spanning over 45 minutes. Such brilliance in so little moves

  4. Didn’t even know chess came from India because of how western it is. Long time subscriber of u, pretty unique asmr with advice. Sounds like a divine scene from a movie like the Last Samurai when I listen to u. Truly phonetically fantastic ♟♟♟♟

  5. I really appreciated hearing you say “he or she or they.”

  6. i wonder how can i buy this model’s chess set.
    please give me model’s name or site to buy it

  7. I think you will end up with a million subscribers in the not to distant future if you keep grindin man. Amazing content and your very knowledgeable! Keep up the great work! We appreciate you 🙂

  8. Could you please do the Caro-Kann defense next?
    I have tried it against a lv 1500 AI and it worked like this (I had the black):
    1. e4 c6
    2. d4 b5
    3. Qf3 d6
    4. Nd2 Nf6
    5. Qc3 g6
    6. a4 bxa4
    7. Qb4 a3
    8. Rxa3 Qc7
    9. e5 dxe5
    10. Ndf3 exd4
    11. Qxd4 Bg7
    12. Bf4 Qd7
    13. Rb3 Qxd4
    14. Nxd4 Na6
    15. Rxa6 Bxa6
    16. Nxc6 Ne4
    17. Be5 Bxe5
    18. Nxe5 0-0
    19. Nc6 Bc4
    20. Bh3 Bf5
    21. Nxe5+ Kg7
    22. Rh4 Nf6
    23. c4 Rfe8
    24. cxb5 Rxe7+
    25. Kf1 Rae8
    26. f4 Ne4
    27. Nf3 Nd6
    28. Ne5 Nxb5
    29. Rg4 h5
    30. Rg5 Nd4
    31. h3 Nc6
    32. Nxc6 Re1+
    33. Kf2 Rxh1
    34. Re5 Rxe5
    35. fxe5 Rb1
    36. Ke3 Rxb2
    37. Kd3 Rxg2
    38. Kc4 Rxg2
    39. Kd4 Rxh3
    40. Kc5 Re3
    41. Kd4 Re1
    42. Kd5 h4
    43. Nxa7 h3
    44. e6 fxe6+
    45. Kd6 h2
    46. Kc6 h1=Q+
    47. Kc7 Qh7
    48. Nc6 Rc1
    49. Kb6 Rxc6+
    50. Kxc6 Kg8
    51. Kb6 Qf7
    52. Kc6 Qe8+
    53. Kd6 e5
    54. Kd5 e4
    55. Kd4 e3
    56. Kc4 e2
    57. Kd3 e1=Q
    58. Kc4 Qb1
    59. Kc3 Qd8
    60. Kc4 g5
    61. Kc5 g4
    62. Kc4 g3
    63. Kc5 g2
    64. Kc4 g1=Q
    65. Kc3 Qgc1#

  9. Seriously the best chess video I have ever watched. What an amazing game and an amazing breakdown. Love the channel man

  10. I waited so hard for this new video it’s not even funny 😂😂😂

  11. Only legendary men know that he says “a chess m r” not “a s m r”

  12. Question: I cannot find the online game that you use could you please tell me the name of it. Keep up the great work and have a good time

  13. I started writing this comment saying how much I appreciate the rain sounds when I hear you say “Can we take a moment to appreciate the rain sounds?” Life is beautiful.

  14. What a knockout combination! (And by that I mean I fell asleep :D)

  15. Anand really went: Oh no! All my pieces are hanging!!

    Anyways…. CHECK MATE

  16. the rain absolutely completes this, i love your videos and always get the best sleep the days you post 🙂

  17. Every now and again you play games against subscribers, no? How can I participate?

  18. Best chess video till date… hats off🙌🙌

  19. Question, what chess board do you have in this video? I have but a novelty chess board with unrecognizable pieces, and I’m looking to get a solid chess board, and the one you use looks great!

  20. many will listen to this for the pleasent ASMR (and the lovely indoor sound of rain) but the statements between around 21:0023:00 can be key to improve as chess player (havent watched past yet)

  21. You are my favorite content creator on youtube and it honestly isn't even close. Please keep doing this!

  22. "Life is beautiful" 🌧 yes, it is! And we just need to remember to appreciate that which brings value to our lives.

  23. The chess analysis is great, but HIS VOICE… wtf?! This is heaven for my ears!

  24. This game is just so cool that I came back to watch it again.

  25. I prefer this setup rather the one that has electronic board

  26. This is the best channel I've come across in a long time. Bravo Sir!

  27. Man I can't get over your channel… AMAZING…

  28. be2 is not good. d takes c5 is much better.

  29. Hey. I'd just like to throw a suggestion for more classic games and gambits/openings/defenses. I find I think about them before bed and occasionally dream about them. Lol

  30. Why wouldn’t you just check mate after the moves d4-d5-c3-c6, then queen to a4

  31. I love when you give backstory and anecdotes about the players in question, I find it makes the video far more personal and engrossing than just talking about the chess moves solely. I only wish there was more of it!

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