Andrew Tate smokes Piers Morgan || Digital CHESS BOARD added on-screen

Piers Morgan invited Andrew Tate on his show once again. After the normal interview and discussion, Piers Morgan decided that they play a game of chess to end the show and this is how it went.


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  1. Piers chose knight than bishop, its low quality move.

  2. Wow, that quote was kinda Tate's Father right. I am saying this with the utmost respect.

  3. He was a paid to give up queen like that.
    Cheating, lying Tate

  4. The real reason the king can’t move all the way across the board is because it would be way too hard to checkmate anybody if they could

  5. Tate’s father definitely taught him some tricks

  6. The only thing Piers knew, was how the chess pieces move. He could have learnt how to play chess just before their game.

  7. Let’s all agree that Piers is absolutely garbage at chess 😭

  8. Tates father was a master.. He got taught by him.

  9. andrew tate sucks at chess lol, his father would be ashamed

  10. Piers does suck but Andrew is also pretty good. Way better than most. The knight sacrifice at 2:50 is a great move.

  11. Still true today I am pretty sure Hikaru would of been no more than a waiter or working in a factory if he wasn't good at chess

    As for Magnus he would of went on and got a PhD and invented something world changing but he would of still made his mark.

    A lot of people are good at nothing but chess. Then again if they are happy and content with it is it really a waste.

  12. Im 25 and my neighbor of 40 years of age just taught me how to play chess in a few hours. I went back to this video because I love andrew tate and all the shit talking from piers was doing but never understood the game until now. Cheers to the Champ haha 💯

  13. This is most disgusting game i ever had seen ,the worst part is that he (Andrew) is talking like he is expert,but he don't understand shit about it

  14. I like it! did you know I play chess!

  15. The fact that piers didnt even recognise what was happening when andrew started talking about the queen.. as he moved the knight into position.

  16. Well if piers morgan was a chess champion at school then nobody in his school knew chess cause that's how a newbie plays

  17. Piers Morgan is a soccer dad who buys ice cream for the kids. Therefore, there was no way he was going to beat Tate.

  18. I was impressed with him winning until i saw this game. Thanks 🤣

  19. there were times when even the computer said " ??" "?!"

  20. I wish my kids grew up smart and sharp like Andrew. America has done more harm to innocent people compared to Andrew who has done nothing wrong at all. I guess dropping nuclear bombs on people is respected.

  21. cool but its a shame hes a scammer that preys on selling ponzi schemes and online women to weak men.

  22. Chess helps you be accountable to variables. People are not variables.

  23. "I always accidentally take someone's chick" 😂

  24. Andrew tate low-key cheated if you watch carefully

  25. A nice game, but overshadowed by Tate's uncontrolled ego.

  26. Man, Piers Morgan is almost as bad as I am at chess

  27. That's why in arab world we don't call it a queen because women don't go to work in our world it's called the minister or the general not the queen in Arab chess game .

  28. Ngl Piers is pretty trash at chess hahaha

  29. The moment Piers got his rook taken, I knew he wasn’t no “chess champion”

  30. as a 900 piers played almost how i would until the queen blunder hes probably 850-1000

  31. I do not think people are aware that Andrew Tate father is a chess GM. He just didn’t grow up fighting and talking about women and being a Top G. He’s intelligent and knows the fame of chess.

  32. So this is a video of playing on the same clock and Piers throwing away his queen.

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