Arena Chess GUI – Analyzing Game, Automatic Analysis
Arena is designed as a multi-engine system. It is possible to run 8 engines at
the same time and supports two different protocols:
UCI Engines and Winboard Engines.
Music credits:
“Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on
“Music by


  1. How do I share my ARENA chess games , present or past? This platform seems hard to do it unlike Lichess , which is very easy . Thanks

  2. Hi can’t it analyse the game and show arrow for both the side.. do we have such option

  3. How to change engine and set it to USER again one game is started

  4. Your mouse has tourette's sindrome

  5. Good video. So there is no way to have the output in PGN format?

  6. How to analyse a fresh game from the start ?I mean analysing both black n white

  7. His screen recorder is from 1950 as well 😂😂

  8. What is the utility for analyzing backwards?

  9. Question sir,I already installed a strong engine in chess arena but it take a long time to reply with my 1.e4 move and will just play 1…Nc6,how should I activate it's opening book,thank you

  10. How can I show the last move at this arena chess ?

  11. If I wanted to read I would look for an article not a video.

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