Beating Magnus Carlsen With 99% Accuracy

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  1. Yesterday my opponent beat me in an unranked game with an accuracy of 100. 949 elo btw

  2. It's one of the first times that I think one like is not enough

  3. Hey will anyone tell me how to verify my phone on gothams discord England isn't on there for phone numbers ?

  4. Is there an echo from room effect? More furniture or plants needed in that room 😐

  5. are we really gonna let the "big inflatable balloon parter" to the gym idea slide xd, love the content and the laughs!

  6. I've played at a 100% accurate game a few times because they fell for the fried liver

  7. Nobody wants to play the insane alien gambit 😂

  8. My highest was 89.5 with one brilliant and 3 great moves. I still watch that game again sometimes just to boost my ego a bit😅

  9. I beat someone with 100% accuracy (I played the fried liver)

  10. In game two at the end there's night d 3

  11. we all knew that the second he mentioned magnus we were going to hear "THE ROOOOOOOOK!!!!!"

  12. Loved the part when he said firouzja is 2021 years old and Magnus is 3334 years old

  13. Levy: "In the span of five moves it goes from bad to worse."

    Me: psh, I can do that way faster

  14. Levy
    Actually the young streamer who beats you got 5.000$ as reward for your head
    I think you must played rematch with him

  15. Lifehack: If you mute the video, you can enjoy some chess. Don't thank me.

  16. Baltimore fan here. Can confirm I lost my mind

  17. yo gothamchess pls play chess on roblox just for content pls

  18. if you play the video in the lowest quality, the flag of magnus looks an awful lot like the flag of the third reich

  19. I win with 100% accuracy in king's gambit in 12 move and
    opponent resign after losing queen.

  20. I had 99.4% and stockfish estimated my elo only at 2000.

  21. Bro I got 99% accuracy once because my opponent blundered on almost every move

  22. Wheres the new video bruhh?? U alright?? Hope U are doing well. Love your content.

  23. New video today: HIKARU 3400!!!!!!!

  24. Bro magnus is the greatest of the whole universe

  25. 17:48 iphones are really only so dominant in the USA and Japan, e.g. in europe android actually has 2x more marketshare than iOS, so it's funny that you say that this is a stereotype about old people, but tbh europe has a rapidly aging population, so maybe you're right 😀

  26. 25:00 "This is called the provocative Italian." Ah yes, the italian opening, pineapple on pizza variation

  27. I am 400 Baltimore fans and I lost our collective mind 😡😭

  28. This Magnus Carlsen fellow has got some great potential. If he keeps it up he can definitely be world champion one day.

  29. The opening of this is funny because I just played a game where the game review had me at 94.2 and my opponent was 92.2 and our ratings are only ~1770. And it was 79 moves long, so not a quick game either. Crazy stuff.

  30. I had to LOL at Levi thinking dropping gloves is somehow cordial or something. If NHL players fight with gloves it is bad. I could be wrong because it rarely happens. But I think it is automatically a fighting major and a game misconduct with a possible suspension to follow.

  31. And then he goes "hEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

  32. 4:21 speaks o bringing his inflatable buddy to the gym
    12:50 becomes the inflatable balloon buddy that had a weight dropped on it.

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