Beginner Breakdown with Mike Kummer (Chess Analysis for the Beginner) – 2014.06.02

CCSCSL employee and 1998 Missouri State High School Champion Mike Kummer presents a lecture for beginners at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.


  1. Does Mike enjoy giving these lectures i wonder?

  2. Always the pawn fork. During mid game I'm usually watching the queen/knights dance around the board so I get caught with it. Simple and effective.

  3. Mike Kummer is amazing!! I really enjoy watching his lectures, it's educational and funny as hell. Please keep making these video's!!!!

  4. Gotta watch out for those pawn forks lol.

  5. I have only just picked up chess. These videos are incredibly helpful! Thank you!

  6. Different personalities have different strengths. For me, Mike's approach is perfect for me because it's to the point and he brings an attitude of a cocky champion combined with self awareness. At the same time he's very serious while using humour. Just a perfect fit. Impossible for me to get bored with such a combo. That's exactly how I'd approach if I had anything to teach others about chess. If I lived there I'd join your club as well as enlist my kids btw. Thanks!

  7. I have a poster of mike on my wall. He is my chess crush.

  8. Good lecture! Enjoyed Mike's wit and informative delivery.

  9. Ar 22:55 if …Ke6 even then white can even trade knight for bishop at d5, because after Bxd5+, Qxd5 then Qg4+ wins the bishop. Just to show how bad his early Bb4 was =p

  10. minute 1:39 : wouldn't Queen e7 only lose a pawn, instead of retreating the knight to f6?

  11. 25:28 – why holding on to the pawn with Bf4 is bad? that's what engine is suggesting

  12. USCF 1767 is equivalent to what rating in fide systems ?

  13. I love the chess content, but man this instructor is a prideful flaming garbage heap.


  15. A 1700 pretending he understands chess. Come on, get at least a 2300 there.

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