Beginner Chess Analysis 1 – Part 1/2

Beginner chess analysis for both beginners, teachers, and myself to learn from.


  1. @ChessNetwork yeah i realized it was just barely over 10 min after i finished. was too lazy to do it again :p

  2. Nice start. I think you might be capturing the screen in such a way where when your mouse moves, the capture area follows it. Might want to change that and even play around with the analysis board where you can then highlight squares and draw arrows.

  3. @ChessNetwork Yeah that is the way I'm capturing the screen now. Still need to experiment w/ the program a bit. As for the analysis board, is there any free software that you recommend?

  4. @jstofly Seems like your on chesscom. It's available to all members as far as I know through the live chess.

  5. @ChessNetwork By the way there is a "Part 2" to the video where you get to see my pro checkmate :p

  6. @jstofly I saw. Try your best to not do Part 1 of 2 videos. Lot of bad comes with it. Fewer views is one of them.

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