Ben’s Chess Boxing Post Game Analysis

Clip from Tournament Tuesday with Ben! [12-13-2022]

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  1. Hikaru should fight Magnus or either of them should fight Hans

  2. You can come learn to box with my fight club for free back in St Louis.

  3. ben should definitely train, if nothing else because itd be hilarious to see him up there looking like jewish old george foreman

  4. They need to play on the increment in the chess sections to avoid them sitting on the clock, like with a 1 minute + 3 seconds time control they have to make at least 20 moves a round or they'll lose on time. Otherwise you're giving them five minutes on the clock so a good boxer can just not move at all knowing that they'll have two rounds to box in.

  5. Why do you want to risk your health and esspecially your brain? Your brain is necessary for you job.

    Why don't you do some funny stuff?
    For instance car racing and the winner of the round gets a time advantage on the chess board. Dirty driving is allowed. With safe cars for the driver, which can easily brake. The guy, who is not able to continue driving loses.
    Or Sumo without touching the opponents face?
    1 touch football (soccer) 1 against 1 in in a playing hall. This has to be played with boards. A 2nd touch would result in a penalty. The first guy, who has 10 goals wins.
    Or parcours or climbing? You have to do parcours. More dificult after every round. The first gets a time advantage. If you fail the course, then you loose.
    Tug-of-war, judo, olympic wrestling, …

    All is better than boxing.

  6. Ben is morbidly obese, completely out of shape and borderline type-2. So how can he box?!

  7. Ben should do it… would be good for him just to lose the weight

  8. The amateur boxing matches I have been at the refs step in quickly. It's a fitness thing. Their hands go down and are just not able to defend themselves.

    When the boxers know what they are doing, the refs let them fight.

    In the Dina Andrea fight. Andrea was aggressive and Dina wasn't fighting back. It should have been stopped. In a boxing match it would have been stopped.

    And yeah the rounds should have been 3 minutes.

  9. Ben should fight Anish Giri! Draw that one, son! 😀

  10. For 2 intelligent people to get into this they would have to be confident that either they were the better boxer or that they didn't really need their brain anymore. It's amazing they got anyone to be involved given those conditions.

  11. Dude I would watch that match if you boxed and played chess that would be legendary

  12. I only watched a few minutes. The whole thing seemed like a disaster in all aspects. Chess streamers are just being modest, they won't tell it as it was. A disaster of an event.

  13. Their argument is so silly. Just lose 50 pounds by doing boxing workouts. Problem solved.

  14. To me it seemed like bad design that you're allowed to not move during chess and just wait out your clock

  15. The chess community in general is so less serious now. I guess more ppl are interested in the game but it’s lost respect.

  16. Now Hikaru, it seems to me that you're hating on Chessbrah because he stacks paper to the ceiling and rides on 24" chrome!

    Hikaru: Yea that's true. 🙁

  17. We need a chess boxing match between IM Anna Rudolf and GM Ben Fingold. Their Elo ratings are close right now, and although normally no one would want hit Anna, if she plays Bird's opening Ben will want to hit her.

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