Brilliant Pawn Move♟️🔥#chess #chessgame #shorts #viral

Brilliant Pawn Move ♟️🔥 #chess #chessgame #Short

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In this captivating and informative video, join us on a journey into the intricate world of CHESS as we uncover the secrets to becoming a strategic mastermind.

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  1. Can you find the Solve?Why it's brilliant, Then comment now and use your Brain..Stay with us for Grandmaster journey ❤

  2. Knight Takes knight you push the pawn and you trap the Queen and then you move knight to f7 and get the Queen

  3. i don't have any idea. What I came up with is pawn on d6 takes then pawn on d4 takes and then if knight takes on e5 then knight c7 check, king has to go f7 and finally you take the queen with your queen

  4. knight takes knight bishop takes pawn rook takes bishop queen takes rook king moves pawn checkmate

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