Brooklyn Dave vs Stretch the Chess Giant – Coffee Chess Analysis!

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Brooklyn Dave vs Stretch the Chess Giant – Coffee Chess Analysis!

In today’s matchup, Stretch the Chess Giant (also called Solomon!) goes against none other than the legendary Brooklyn Dave! This game was played on the Coffee Chess YouTube channel, one of the top YouTube chess channels in the world, as it offers fun and exciting chess, as well as trash talk! Brooklyn Dave is known for his Mikhail Tal style, as he ruthlessly sacrifices all of his pieces to checkmate the enemy king. Brooklyn Dave is also known for his Brooklyn accent, witty trash talk, and dramatized personality. The Chess Giant, on the other hand, is more reserved and laid back. He tries to prove himself through his game instead of his mouth. Solomon is more of a universal type player, simply trying to find the best move in front of him. This game specifically, coming out of the Grand Prix Attack, is an absolute heart pounder. We hope you enjoy this chess game analysis where Solomon goes over the chess strategy, chess tactics, chess moves, chess ideas, chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, chess opening principles, and general tips for chess players of all levels!

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  1. Don’t worry, we all get Daved from time to time

  2. Who many times kass parov won the world championship?

  3. When Dave is on, he's very good. I've watched his game get stronger over the last 2 years, and I think a key was attitude adjustment. He's not as angry. He puts that energy into his game. Thanks for showing that lateral Queen move. Those are the ones often missed, a trick of the mind. Thanks for the insights, Solomon. Cheers.

  4. Nice analysis, keep up the good work. You play great, Solomon!

  5. Solomon: I think you still have to play d6 first, then e6. I like knight on e7 against Grand Prix.

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