BULLET Chess Is Bad For You

BULLET Chess Makes You Play Worse.
Bullet chess is a variant of chess that is played with very fast time controls, usually only 1 minute to play for the whole game! with each player having only a few seconds to make their moves. But why the best players in the world think it’s not “real chess”?

1- you noticed how? when you switch to a more serious chess time control you keep thinking as if you were still in a bullet mode?

2- you suddenly rely on reflexes and intuition rather than careful thought and analysis. This can be useful in some situations like a zeitnot (a zeitnot happens when you dont have time to finish your game and you are in time trouble to avoid losing the game, but it may also lead to poor decision-making and a lack of understanding of deeper positional and strategic concepts.

3- It can lead to a lack of practice in other areas of your game: like endgame technique that you hate spending time on, right?

It’s important to keep in mind that bullet chess is just one variant of chess and should not be the sole focus of your chess training. While playing bullet chess can be a fun and fast-paced way to play the game, it is simply not the way to go about learning chess

In order to keep improving, it’s important to practice your positional play and strategy, tactics, and endgame technique. These will help develop your ability to evaluate positions objectively and make good decisions during your games. Do not let bullet chess distract you from practicing these other important areas!


  1. I feel like bullet chess is good for you because it helps you get that muscle memory down and you know what to do in most positions…

  2. Bro says bullet is bad because you MIGHT do all those bad things when not playing bullet 🗿🗿

  3. 30 min rapid is classical chess. Beginner should start by playing 30 min rapid and utilize their time in strategy and learing more effectively. Later, when we become intermediate player. We can start playing blitz and even bullet( just for fun )

  4. Funny how I started blitz first before rapid and got a better rating at it

  5. “Best players in the world think is not real chess” and we just watched world no 1 and 2 dispute a Global Bullet Championship. 🫠

  6. Hmm… chess but each player has only 5 seconds for the game without increment

  7. Who uses bullet to learn chess?? It's just a fun, exciting, more spectator friendly version of chess for people who already have a deep understanding and want to test how intuitively they can play.

  8. I’m convinced this is to save my self esteem after losing three bullet games in a row lmao

  9. I hate bullet 10 min is the way for me

  10. I only play bullet and 14day, so it cancells out

  11. I’ve played bullet so much I embarrass my opponents in time and still play better than thwm

  12. Its not that it is bad for you,but rather play it like a side game. Rapid chess is best for thinking deeper. And you can play bullet anout 5 to 6 games….but put rapid as your main. That way,you will be better in both rapid and bullet

  13. I like to mostly play rapid games, then occasionally do sessions of bullet to train reflexes for when I get low on time in longer games

  14. I don’t find this at all, I enjoy the extra time when I play longer games. It feels like I have so much extra time to think!

  15. Bullet is great for YouTube videos since people have the attention span of goldfish. I uploaded a game that is literally 20 seconds long, and 60% people swiped away.

  16. I stopped playing bullet. I sometimes play blitz, mostly because I have a very low rating there and can try some tricks I learned from YT. But this is just for fun.
    Otherwise I play rapid 10 or 15/10, where I can really take my time

  17. this entire idea can be flipped, if you play chess too slow, you may start over evaluating and over thinking positions, and by looking at each piece individually, you never learn to grasp the broad concept of the board. whereas in bullet and faster modes, you build chess intuition and quick reflexes to a) save you on time, and b) give you the ability to analyze much faster, and as such when switching to slower modes, you can reach much higher depths of analysis due to the built intuition

  18. Bullet ingrains patterns

  19. Very accurate I was about to hit 1500 20 points away. Until I started playing bullet . My rapid rating went down to 1380.

  20. Why does it have to be so addictive tho? lol

  21. I was 1300s in Rapid!!
    I always relied on Rapid Games. Later I switched to Bullet and Blitz…. I am 1000+ rated there but now I slipped to 1100s in Rapid!!

  22. It improve my tactical skills tho, the important is you analyze your games win or lose

  23. Bruh, i was 1100 rapid and i played 20 bullet games and my rapid elo is 1100 and goes to 993 🙁 that's why my elo in blitz and bullet are 500 because i dont like playing it because of time pressure and im also easy to get mad at.

  24. I remember when I used to play 20 seconds chess
    Crazy stupid decisions in those

  25. thats bullshit. carlsen, naka, firouzja, all amazing and best in bullet. "bad for you" is just coping

  26. I swear at this point bullet games are like TikTok vids for me

  27. Magnus the goat, 10 strait years world champion, and now bullet chess world champion….. It only says that you are bad at chess

  28. I used to play bullet chess but when I came back to rapid chess, it felt like I was worse.

  29. That's why a 10min rapid game's better and ideal. 30 min is way too much.

  30. This is why I was better at chess before bullet games.💀💀💀

  31. I almost never play bullet but when I play people in real life who are like “oh you play chess? Let’s play!” I always play my moves instantly to make it fair lol.

  32. The only thing is that rapid is so slow and just ends up me waiting for a long damn time just for a move that dont make sense considering im still in 500s

  33. Perhaps some people just want to play bullet. Maybe they know they aren't ever gonna be good at regular chess and they like bullet. Who knows!

  34. Yeah the youth have also screwed up the game of chess. Instant gratification… You can't sit down and play a game. You have to rush through it.

  35. Thats true , i dont think much in 15min matches now just make moves in less than 5 sec which makes my postion bad majorly

  36. As someone who hates fast time controls, I support this message 😂

  37. i think its trains your intuition, i think it can be helpful

  38. Youll never know how I am getting called a nerd so much.

  39. That’s why I don’t play blitz that much

  40. I used to give random moves while playing bullet and win every match by time 😂
    While the opponents time gets finished

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