Can Magnus Carlsen squeeze Praggnanandhaa? | Norway Chess 2024

When Magnus Carlsen tries to squeeze water from stone, more often than not he is successful. When Praggnanandhaa tries to defend tough positions, more often than not he too is successful. That’s the reason why when they both played each other in 8th round of Norway Chess 2024, it was an interesting battle to follow. Check out the game with commentary by IM Sagar Shah to see if Magnus Carslen was successful in his squeezing endeavour or not!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. ok but i don’t think “squeeze” is an idiomatic expression, just like that 😂

  2. Lol you might wanna put a different title..

  3. what is it with the title and grinder💀💀

  4. sagar shah x samay new chess teaching please..

  5. Their play is so brilliant yet so simple. Salute to sagar shah's commentary 🫡🫡

  6. Beautiful defense and the thumbnail too❤

  7. The game: ends in a draw🥰🥰
    The title: 👺👺

  8. Magnus is a grinder — you saying he is gay?

  9. Nothing is more delicious than watching prag vs magnus match🤤

  10. Thank you Sagar Shah for being soo consistent & your commentry is 👌💯

  11. I thought Magnus was going to win…
    Pragg what a play…🎉🎉🎉
    May God bless you abundantly ❤

  12. Wtf is this title? Pragg has barely turned 18😂😂

  13. i know its tradition/protocol: but why do they still have to write down their moves in the year 2024 where everything is sufficiently recorded and electronically tracked via sensors in the board?

  14. May be grate players… But game is not interesting

  15. 21:34 magnus tried to squeeze the water out of stone against pragg.

  16. "Squeezing water out of stone" suna hai but "Squeezing Praggnanandha" out of syllabus aa gya

  17. Prag will reach his peak in 3-4 years, then Carlsen will have a tough battle ahead.

  18. Magnus squeezing Pragg in June in quite poetic😂😂😂

  19. The way How magnus offers draw to pragnanada is so eligent 😂❤

  20. Thank you chess base india for popularizing the game so well❤❤

  21. this commentator clearly hates magnus.. crazy title… its as if magnus is not the number 1 player and the goat… perhaps, magnus crushed all your indians.. 😅😅😅

  22. 3:06 what the heck how did the pawn ♟️ took that adjacent pawn


  23. Ye kysa caption hai Sagar bhai🤣🤣🤣

  24. I thought magnus was going to win. superb game by both👌

  25. They are moving a lot during this game, stand up often and honestly, I don't feel respect to eachother to do that… For playing chess, you have to stay focus on your seat during couple of hours, in case. My opinion.

  26. 3:05 How is this possible?? 🧐🤨😯😶😲😱😳🤔🙄😵‍💫

  27. I'm always loss this kind of position but it is a draw

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