Candidates Chess, Analysis: Nakamura – Topalov & Round 7 Recap

Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson takes us through the Highlights of the Day in Round 7 of the 2016 Moscow Candidates Tournament. Replay the games on an interactive chessboard here:


  1. If people want to know why so many games at the top level are dry riskless draws, it's because creative gusto is often rewarded with losses in time trouble as the level of defense is so strong you have to play like a computer to break through. I am still appreciating Topalov's attempt's to keep spicy play in these super GM games, he is proving that it is possible even in the computer age to find exciting lines in normal looking positions.

  2. Despite today's win, Nakamura is not ready for prime time.

  3. What Are this for Example +1=13-4 under the Players Name i dort get it

  4. Wow what a mess, the lonely f3 pawn working with the queen is very powerfull and even worth a piece sac. Very creative Topa game, he more than deserved a draw, which he did not get,…

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