Carlsen crushed | Nodirbek Abdusattorov vs Magnus Carlsen | Freestyle Chess GOAT Challenge 2024

GM Daniel King examines the game Nodirbek Abdusattorov vs Magnus Carlsen, Freestyle Chess GOAT Challenge 2024. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal:

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  1. I really liked this format and this tournament, opened up for new games! I did not like the weird counter-intuitive castle rules though, and found the out of place presentation with some silly miss angola and others just silly and embarrasing.

  2. 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿 just UZBEKISTAN

  3. too bad. cxb6 was a move to keep the game interesting. didn't pay off this time.

  4. Nodirbek, the only player to not lose a game in the preliminaries. Well, that was at the rapid time control. Let's see if things change in the classical time control. Your reward for finishing first Nodirbek? You get the world champion. But don't worry, he's not in form. Right? We'll find out. Would otherwise be a fascinating match up. Stylistically, I think they're very similar.

  5. Usually you don't spoil the result in the video title but I guess this time the temptation was too high. Great in-depth analysis as usual

  6. If this is titled "Carlsen Crushed", how would you title the Aronian-Ding game?

  7. Ding seems all at sea…just you watch him go and beat Abdusattorov…stranger things have happened!

  8. Thanks as always for great analysis Danny. Does the Lucena position apply in 2(connected) vs 1? And would at around …Kc4 be an attempt to not allow it by Black (and so attempt to draw)?

  9. i think fisher random free style is more exciting than the traditional layout which has been memorize almost thru the midgame where a completely new position appears after 16 moves or so. congratulations and credits go to bobby fisher for saving chess for the future.

  10. I have always said that we cannot completely judge Carlsen's place in history because we don't know who his vanquisher is, like Kramnik to Kasparov. ABDUSATTAROV MAY BE HIM.

  11. Great video Daniel. Is it possible to think that white (or indeed black) has a pretty poor chance of winning one of these games just because of the initial position. Cheers

  12. Impressive play from Abdusattorov, without opening knowledge.
    Basically he didn't waste a single move,
    I guess that's how you beat even Carlsen so convincingly.

    Thanks for your videos!

  13. Could white have played b x p check?

  14. According to the tablebases, after Abdusattorov's Kh3 it was draw until Carlsen's c3, after which it was a win for white. Great game by Abdusattorov, and I appreciate that Carlsen wanted to fight and played cxb6 in the beginning, most players would have played axb6 and accepted the draw.

  15. Could you review a game between firouzja and carlsen from the recent event

  16. Thanks for bringing this masterclass in positional chess to our attention.

  17. Beatiful technical victory by Abdu against such a strong opponent!

  18. Fischer Random chess is so much better than normal chess

  19. Pure speculation, maybe Ding wanted to play Abdusattorov in round 1?

  20. Daniel do we know how good Bobby Fischer was at Fischer Random? I feel like his reputation of "most talented player ever" would be confirmed if Carlsen continues to struggle at this format. (And if Fischer was good at it.)

  21. Did Nordibek give Magnus the death stare?

  22. Abdusattorov continues to impress. In this game he secured a small positional advantage early which he nursed through to a winning endgame as Carlsen was throwing numerous counterattacks at him, and then he ground out a very technical endgame for the win.
    Contrast that to his Rapid WC win which was mostly achieved with tactics, resilience, and speed.

  23. This was your usual thorough and insightful analysis. An exciting tournament format, and a great win for Abdusattarov. Thanks Daniel.

  24. Fantastic by Abdu, and Carlsen´s play was influenced by the frustrating draw the round before (fortress by Fabiano), so he went all in in a must win situation to win the round robin. But now its a new tourney. Dont rule out the come back kid. And poor Ding. What can he do with classical time control.

  25. So fun to see Goliath defeated IS the good and best sensation, probably pathologic but unfortunatly IS the way I feel.

  26. Carlsen usually gets away with things like cxb6. He almost never have opponents that gets through the end as Abdussattorov does with such precise play.

  27. Just me or the blue in this video is different from earlier ones- the chess board blue.

  28. Ding fell and now Carlsen. What is happening?

  29. Sneaky title, Danny! It wasn't clear whether Magnus got crushed or was doing the crushing 🙂

  30. Why you only share when carlsen loses?
    Share his 3 wins against alireza
    1 win against ding

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