Carlsen – Topalov Sinquefield Cup 2015 | Chess Game Analysis

In this video I analyze the game between Magnus Carlsen and Veselin Topalov from the first round of the Sinquefield Cup 2015. You can find the PGN below. Enjoy watching!

Aronian – Caruana Sinquefield Cup 2015:

Carlsen – Topalov: (click on PGN in the top right corner to download the game)

Niclas Huschenbeth (born February 29, 1992 in Hann. Muenden) is a German Chess Grandmaster. Huschenbeth learned how to play chess at the age of five and participated in youth chess tournaments. He was awarded the title of International Master in 2008 and the Grandmaster title in 2012. At age 18, he achieved his most notable success, becoming the youngest German Champion in history. He has played 52 times for the German national team and participated in two chess olympiads. Currently, Huschenbeth studies psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and plays for the university’s chess team.

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  1. Carlsen 2015 nicht so in der Form wie 2013/2014, sehr lehrreich und im Endeffekt " einfach " für Topalov. Carlsen hat nie genug Gegenspiel bekommen für sein Opfer am Anfang.

  2. Thank you for this one and for Aronian game likewise. We appreciate your work.

  3. Yes, thanks also. I love your videos. I wish I knew German, so I could watch all of them. Big fan here in Connecticut 👍🏻

  4. Great video, thank you "Quick Nick" ,-)
    You motivates me for the upcoming season 🙂

  5. thanks for covering this tournament. where did u find the interview with maurice ashley? nothing at the hp

  6. 10:42 can't white sacrifice two moves and move towards the bishop to alleviate the pin? 11:23 Is it only equal because of the lack of progress white's pieces have made? Last one, I promise – 14:08 could carlsen have put up b3 ?

  7. Darauf habe ich lange gewartet: eine Partie, bei der ein Spieler ohne Rochade spielt und gewinnt. Und das dann noch von Topalow 🙂

  8. thanq niclus
    i learnt alot from ur lessons

  9. Yesterday, Topalov reached his best Elo of 2821 & that against the number 1. What a day! Congrats! :0] BTW great job as always GM Huschenbeth! ;0]

  10. very much appreciate the PGN too, thanks Niclas!

  11. Danke … went through a few of your videos of the games you played. Very educational!

  12. Beautiful game from Topalov. Great explanation. Thanks!

  13. very grateful for the analysis, my chops grow from these vids

  14. Huschenbeth…CONGRATULATIONS!! subs

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