Carlsen vs Caruana (Game 11 Analysis) | World Chess Championship 2018

Magnus Carlsen tries to defeat Fabiano Caruana’s Petroff Defense once again. GM Alex Yermolinsky brings you analysis of high-level opening preparation in game eleven of the 2018 world chess championship!

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  1. Alex has the best coverage that I have seen and heard! The "what if?" explanations are great!!

  2. I won't reserve my opinion on the state of WC matches pending the end the way Alex does. I think it stinks. I think it demonstrates what Fischer said and Bronstein, and Capablanca before him about the game being played out. That opening theory, computers, and their databases have killed the game off. I know people will say there have been a lot of draws in other WC matches and of course that is true, but this feels different. I don't get the impression that either playing is trying to win. Yes, there have been a couple of interesting games, but that is the least you should expect for a World Championship.

    You know in the past and I refer specifically to Kasparov vs Karpov match the draw was used by Kasparov to wear Karpov done. In addition, it was the first to win 6 games, so if they wished to have a 100 draws, it really would not have mattered in the end as far as the match is concerned.

    These two just seem to put forth the minimum effort and collect their money. Magnus playing on 10, 20, 30 moves in a drawn position doesn' t count for anything. That's not risking anything and just a waste of time. Caruana to his credit doesn't seem interested in engaging in this useless exercise. (He offered a draw rather than play out the R, 3vs2 from yesterday.

    Chess960 now. Kill the opening theory and let the person with the greatest ability become the WC.

  3. Well what do you think, Yerm?


    I mean, he gets the 1st move in Game 12. Right? Eh? Yerm? Buddy? Eh? Hello? Hello?…

  4. Pls add Russian audio.

  5. great analysis of the game, but the accent makes it kind of hard to tell what he is saying.

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