Carlsen vs Caruana (Game 4 Analysis) | World Chess Championship 2018

Magnus Carlsen innovates with the white pieces as he tests Fabiano Caruana out in the English Opening. Will this subtler approach deliver success where sharper opening play failed? Don’t miss GM Alex Yermolinsky’s analysis of game four at the 2018 World Chess Championship!

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  1. So you are saying that Magnus is uncomfortable in tactical positions?? He is one of the best tacticians he's not uncomfortable in those positions. I'm sorry but I don't agree with you

  2. Can i get some captions lol. Not to sound rude but this guy’s accent is so strong i can’t understand half of the words he says

  3. Would you be able to tell me what the specs of the chess board/pieces that are being used?

  4. Great job Alex! Really enjoying the analysis and commentary. See ya at game 5!

  5. It feels like Fabio is just happy to hold his ground. Maybe he's been playing a tonne of blitz

  6. Yermo did a better job than other commentators of sorting out some basic tactics after 6…Bc5

  7. Stroke of genius to get Yermo on board for this.

  8. Yermolinsky! And the classical feeling of talking about chess returns. Excellent commentary and style of communication!

  9. Nice WIN CARUANA !!

    had ya fooled 😉

  10. Thanks for the nice and thourough analysis. Very enjoyable.

    So, the pressure has to be building for Fabiano to go for a win, wouldn't you say?

    I mean, I would expect that with his demonstrated and established skill in the Rapid and Blitz tiebreaker type play, Magnus's lowest risk strategy would be to avoid the "tactical" problems of the 1st 12 games (maybe pick up a win on a Fabiano stumble) and play it safe until his tactical magic would dominate in the tie-breakers.

    Can Fabiano jostle The Champ and throw a lightening bolt? (And can the Champ recover from a good shot?) Or, is Magnus just going to avoid "tactical complications" and maintain a steady press by taking no risks and settling for draws (talking up the good fight), and then delivering a knock-out blow in the tie-breaker?

    Way to "work the ropes" Champ! (Or is it "Rope a dope!"?)

    Does Fabianio have to go for a knockout? Stay tuned Chess fans.

  11. Everyone hmu!! And ur pretty good mate!👍

  12. I enjoyed the video. I believe both players are evenly matched. Draws are expected. I believe both players may be drawing a few games to get a feel of one another's play style.

  13. Both players seem scared to really fight at the risk of trailing on the scoreboard, I agree with Yermo’s thoughts towards the end, maybe the format needs a rethink.

    WC matches of the past started getting interesting after first blood was drawn and the losing player felt he needed to take risks to bring the score back in his favour. Similar to sudden death football games, when one team gets behind on the score they start to take their chances and loosen up. The really boring WC matches just took too long to draw first blood, in contrast all of the very famous and loved WC matches drew first blood in the first few games and made for a super entertaining series. I really hope that this match strikes the first decisive game soon, if we get 12 draws it’s going to be bad for chess, the entire world is watching and is a great moment to inspire an entire new generation to pick up a chessboard instead of playing Fortnite or League of Legends – if we get 12 boring draws chess will have to suffer through a lull over the next few years.

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