Carlsen vs Caruana Norway Chess 2018 | Game Analysis

World Champion Magnus Carlsen faced his future challenger, Fabiano Caruana, in the first round of the Altibox Norway Chess Tournament 2018. Carlsen played the Bishop’s Opening and thereby avoided the Petroff Defense by Caruana. Caruana was able to establish nice centre pawns on d5 and e5, but Carlsen had the better development and started to put pressure on the pawns. Then, Carlsen played a positional pawn sacrifice to let his queen be in a strong central position. First, Caruana defended well, but just when everything was defended, he decided to become active… Enjoy watching!

You can play through the game with engine evaluation here:

See here the great encounter Carlsen – Caruana from the Sinquefield Cup 2014:

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Thanks to Lennart Ootes for letting me use his fabulous pictures!

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Niclas Huschenbeth (born February 29, 1992 in Hann. Muenden) is a German Chess Grandmaster. Huschenbeth learned how to play chess at the age of five and participated in youth chess tournaments. He was awarded the title of International Master in 2008 and the Grandmaster title in 2012. At age 18, he achieved his most notable success, becoming the youngest German Champion in history. He has played 52 times for the German national team and participated in two chess olympiads. Currently, Huschenbeth studies industrial/organizational psychology at the Free University of Berlin.


  1. Hey Niclas, kannst du zu jeder Runde ein Video bringen? Deine Analysen sind echt immer nice und ich lern wirklich dabei!

  2. What a textbook central blockade from
    Magnus! I remember him doing something similar against wesley a few years back. He sacrificed a pawn in a najdorf position to get a grip on the central light squares

  3. Great commentary and explanations. Thanks for the video!

  4. Thank you Niclas for the comments. Looking forward for you to cover more games from altibox and not only

  5. Why Carlsen plays 9.exd5 ? gives the opponent control of the center and space advantage. When we are beginners we are taught to keep the e4 pawn unless a good conpensation is achieved

  6. Fabi didn't get anything for his double pawn sac. Kudos to Carlsen for playing a solid game.

  7. Hello Niclas, I am a longtime fan. You should really look into streaming on Twitch. There is a need for high quality streamers, and you are cut out for it. It seems very lucrative too.

  8. Nice report! Unfortunately the video is out of synch, can you adjust it?

  9. I like the game mainly because of the nice pawn sacrificeI just watched a video about one of Tal's best games, and this is a nice little modern equivalent 😉

  10. can someone explain me why its so bad to play c3 (with a free tempo) and then Nd2? White literally chose to play that way anyways, despite declining to play c3 when black went Bb4.

  11. Hey!
    I am watching you from like 4 or 5 months and You are just amazing.
    I am an Egyptian player and I am about to play the national tournament in my country.!!
    And I was wondering if you can teach me for some time.
    I will appreciate that a lot.
    I want to learn more from a GM.!!

  12. I think, when Caruana realizes he has to play Carlsen in the first round he thought "&%$§*!!+" or something like that

  13. @3:04 he says “White now has a pass A pawn”.

    What does that mean???

  14. Thank you for this video! What software did you use?

  15. What about h6 @11:46 for white? If black promote, White Checkmate by moving the queen to g7. If black Queen takes h6, White Queen takes Black Queen, checking the king, the king takes the white queen, then the white king moves to g2. Then, white has 3 passed pawns. Am I missing something?

  16. The audio is harsh and echoes. It was too distracting for me. Maybe hang some rugs on the walls or do a little audio production?

  17. Hey, I'm really new to chess. Just wondering why at 3:40 , why does black have to go e5-d4 and not progress it to e4?

  18. At 8:12

    White knight takes D5.
    Black knight takes D5.
    White queen takes E4. Check!
    Black pawn defends, or black queen moves.
    White queen takes D5. Queen is now defending bishop


  19. Why does black pawn have to take on D4 when it could be pushed up to attack white Knight on F3? Located at 3:46 on video.

  20. I'm typing this in 2021, excellent analysis! Count me subscribed! 🙂

  21. Subtitles mkes irritated while watching game

  22. I liked your analysis. But when I look for other videos I don't see English videos. It will be great if you have more english videos

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