Caro-Kann versus King’s Indian Attack Chess Analysis

NM Bryan Tillis is back with chess analysis! In this game, we will explore the Caro-Kann versus the King’s Indian Attack.
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  1. I love watching gambits vs gambits too see which is wins most of the time

  2. Nice video. As a Caro Kann player I also go with 3…g6 against the KIA. The e5 version has way too many variations and KIA players are usually booked up against it. Regarding chess books I like to take ideas from several sources and create my own "course". Usually not a fan of computer lines and go with easy to play option.

  3. Because the caro Kahn sucks bobby Fischer never used it.

  4. Perfection is a myth. Give me the practical ideas that I can use in my games. If one idea goes bust just move on to the next.

  5. You prefer the french over the caro? Bad bishop on the inside of the structure?

  6. I hear you on playing with the iso-pawn. Not really my thing

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