Chess Analysis against a 1000 rated player

Chess Analysis against a 1000 rated player!
I analyze my first round game at the 2021 US Open in Cherry Hill, New Jersey against a 9 year old kid rated 1000.
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  1. Lauren, you are such a thoughtful, talented player and teacher. Thanks for all you do for the chess community!

  2. Let me know what you think about this video by commenting below!

  3. I really like these Analises. Your opponent played nicely.

  4. Thanks. Your opponent played nicely until his Ng5 blunder. Since I thought the blunder was fairly obvious, I wonder how long he spend deciding on that move. I now sometimes I'll study a board and decide on a move, then as I start to make it, I notice what looks like a better move and I make it without much thought…and it's invariably a blunder. Anyway, I think that blunder took the winds out of his sails and he was just wanting the game to be over.

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