Chess Analysis for Amateurs: Chess/TV Highlights

International Master Danny Rensch plays time odds games while Poker Star Alec Torelli engages with fans and asks questions of the master. Watch the final two games from their show on February 7th 2017, and see what Danny has to say about why Magnus Carlsen missed mate in 3 vs Anish Giri.

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  1. listening to torellis analysis on repeting and agreeing with everything dan says is cringeworthy. please stick to poker dude youre in no position to be giving out advice on something you know clearly nothing about. okay fun times.

  2. Great idea! But I don't like making fun of the players.

  3. I like this series of Amateur games, and Alec is pretty good for a 1200 or what. Very insightful, thanks Danny 😉

  4. What exactly does Daniel do to set the time handicaps? I have been trying a lot of things but I can't seem to figure it out. I would like to know how to set time handicaps for Blitz games (not daily chess).

  5. I would really like to see different game plays on amateurs when they castle and have 3 unmoved pawns. I want to see aggressive checkmate style please.

  6. Why are you playing such an unbelievably bad player?

  7. Absolutely fantastic explanations and insights

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