Chess analysis for beginners – Beginner Breakdown | Episode 2 (485 Elo)

Beginner Breakdown Episode 2

I’ll analyze a chess game from a beginner player, Jarett (rated 485).
This game with Jarett’s analysis:

Practice your chess understanding by analyzing the game for our next episode, played by Will (rated 1119). What were the critical moments?

0:00 Intro
2:03 Game 1
3:24 Opening principles
5:09 Rules of castling
6:18 Zibbit
11:47 Tactic 1
13:35 Counting material & evaluating the position
20:07 Tactic 2
21:13 “To take is a mistake”
23:36 Tactic 3
24:52 Tactic 4
27:49 Tactic 5
31:20 Strengths
32:22 Weaknesses
33:54 Study Plan
35:35 Ending

The English Opening
Gotham Chess:
Krishna Prem:
Saint Louis Chess Club:

Zibbit Chess:

The most common mistake – “To take is a mistake”:

Tactics Explained:

Tactics Trainers:

Basic endgames:

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Send game submissions to [email protected] with the following info:
* First Name
* How long have you been playing?
* What are your chess goals?
* Link to 1-3 chess game(s) you’d like me to analyze (preferably slower time controls). Include your own analysis and any relevant context.


  1. I enjoyed your first video a lot, this series is so useful to me.

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