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This powerful software lets you analyze both positions as well as entire games. There is nothing to install and there is no limit to how often you can use this tool.


  1. Kevin can you ask thechesswebsite to add a graph feature that plots strength evaluation (x) by each move of the game (y)… and even give an average of which side had the strongest position most of the game… cheers

  2. Love the idea and definitely will add it to the list for a future version.

  3. Thanks… how much is it to be a member? I may get that done… been waiting for this feature on the internet for ages man 🙂

  4. instead of seeing the top rated line, can you show the top 4 recommended next moves and strength of each? so for move 1 for example, it could say 1. e4 0.0; 1. d4 0.0; 1. Nf3 0.0 1. c4 0.0. i currently use arena with houdini but i can't figure out how to get this. i dont really wanna see a whole 5 move chain, i just want to see the best 4 options for my current move

  5. Lastly please Upload Albert Einstein vs Robert Oppenheimer… it's truly a beautiful game people should see.

  6. I couldn't find that particular page on the website. How do you access it?

  7. ugh chess just is not the same game it used to be. now every best move for every position is studied, people memorize openings and everything is predictable, ive lost interest in playing online.

  8. arena is mainly for playing engines if you want top 4 moves get chessbase gui, fritz gui or scid gui to analyze there are others but those are the only ones I know about

  9. That should be interesting – Einstein hated chess~!

  10. Is there anything to back up that claim?

  11. wait so.. the best chess players in the world, the rather few who where at about 2600 can MIGHT actually still be able to beat this computer?.. I didn't expect that^^

  12. Is this Critter ? Or is it a powerful commercial engine ? Please let me know.

  13. The best chess engine , Houdini 3 , has a rating of 3248.

  14. I think this is a bad idea because it obviously encourages cheating. For example I can be playing against someone with a 1700 rating and perhaps later in the game he decides to use this and now I'm suddenly playing against a 2500 rated computer? Thankfully you regularly ban players who you suspect are cheating by using chess computers but now you're making it even easier for them. Makes zero sense. Lets please stick with just analyzing, but without the help of a computer.

  15. Lol, Houdini 1.5 is 100% freeware and has a strength of over 3000 ELO

  16. Thanks!…I think people who go through all the trouble to cheat in this format are really sad and I don't believe they should concern you at all…furthermore, I don't think people fully appreciate your effort in doing these videos or providing this material (for free). Please let them rot in hell and complain through this channel so they can make fool of themselves to let us have someone to feel sorry about. Thanks for all your effort, it is really appreciated by the thinking mass. Cheers!

  17. Tbh I kind of wish in the custom board I didnt have to press "modify custom board" after each move…

  18. Hey Kevin, do you have any strategy videos for white when a game begins white e4 black d5? I see this quite alot and it would be good to know how to deal with it.

  19. Yeah, I don't get the logic. Cheaters are the worst scum yet they provide the software to do exactly that. Plus seemingly few against it judging by the responses so there must be allot of cheaters subscribed here?

  20. But you can cheat anyway if wanted to, if you think someone is cheating you can actually use this software to analyse for any human errors and find any good counter attacks at any point on their position, from a more logical perspective… this is better to have available.

  21. @Dan Parsloe; …it's called the Scandinavian Defense. 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 or 2. …Nf6 (a gambit line)

  22. when will you post more videos about strategies and historic games? or is that only on your website now…?

  23. 1. This is nowhere near being the first analysis engine on the internet.

    2. 2500 is mediocre for a chess engine nowadays.

    3. Computers have completely changed the way people play chess, not using them to analyse your own games is just silly and ignorant.

  24. stop saying 'both sides are equal' its not correct

  25. well, the same way how can i be sure that if i'm playing against you and you are not using computer software, there isn't a chess teacher sitting right beside you and helping you to see your mistakes and win the match against me? 🙂
    the first thing i had to learn in chess is how to lose, and i'm still learning. if you've lost against someone who has played using 2500 rated computer it actually would mean you're not so bad at just still wouldn't know it.. 🙂

  26. Hi there
    Do you do anything on the Grand Prix?

  27. Learn to play the game honestly because an honest win is more rewarding I promise you.

  28. Anything that isn't an over-the-board tournament is practice. When one is practicing this is called learning, not cheating.

  29. Hi!
    How do I move the King? I can't get it to do anything other than tell me that the King must remain on the board. I can't drag it, there's no button to replace it. What am I missing?

  30. plz give the direct link . .i dun get that in video

  31. If you're using a chess program it's cheating and you WILL be banned sooner or later.

  32. Whatever man. You can stress out about whether or not people you practice against are "cheating" or you can relax and just play knowing that it doesn't matter because it's just practice.

    I just played an online game as black on where my opponent used the Smith-Morra gambit against me. I didn't know what it was so I looked it up on the Internet and researched how to play against it. This is the point of practice but it sounds like you would call me a cheater.

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  34. Just to be clear. Looking up an opening isn't cheating but using a program to play all your moves is, is what I'm saying.

  35. If my opponent uses a computer to make every move in a game then they're not learning anything and I'm getting a good workout, so to speak. I don't see the harm done to me.

  36. Such a piety you have to pay for to be a member…

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