Chess Analysis: How to Crush Tiviakov’s Scandinavian!! #TeamScandi

Chess Opening:
Scandinavian Defense – Tiviakov Variation
1.e4 d5
2.exd5 Qxd5
3.Nc3 Qd6

Chess International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer, Miodrag Perunovic.

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  1. happy anniversary to this great video.

  2. great analysis mio , hopefully we get the other Scandinavian variations like 2..nf6 and Qa5 ,Qd8

  3. Yet another great lecture from the Butcher!!! Have to say I beat my friend with the 3. Kf2 Kings Gambit Tumbleweed I saw on this channel…. he was not happy to say the least. Pretty good!

  4. great analysis mio , hopefully we will cover other Scandinavian variations like 2..nf6 ,thank you very much

  5. Great video, and good lesson – sometimes when we try to surprise our opponents we surprise ourselves instead!

  6. Thanks miodrag I am interested most of the videos what u upload but how to beat (e3, d3 and center game traps ) for black these 3 variations r also common

  7. i love the way you explained very slow very clear i love it…

  8. Tu réfute cette variante en jouant des coups simples, actifs avec gain de tempo . Bravo Mio et encore merci pour ton excellente pédagogie !
    On comprend tes leçons et on retient les concepts sans devoir apprendre par coeur ! Respect 👍

  9. Great game! And lovely story! Glad to be a student and have such a great system against the Sicilian explained to me!

  10. Please never crush the Portuguese variant !
    Great story, thanks for sharing it.

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