Chess analysis of Critter vs Stockfish game Part 1

Trying to analyze a game between the 2 computer chess-engines Critter and Stockfish.


  1. even i see the fork on 19.00 with 1300 Elo, you should see this.

  2. One reason why he could have played Rh3 is because the black light squared bishop was attacking the pawn on f3

  3. Also at the 29.40 mark black had to react to whites threat of Qh8#, this is why he played kh7, Qb8 was very strong because it threatened checkmate, and and attacked two pawns, or else black could have played something like Qh3 attacking two isolated pawns himself.

  4. of course after white was clearly better here, the safety of the black king was a huge factor that could not be dealt with.

  5. to be more precise I meant at the 29:20 mark he had to defend the Qh8# threat,

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