Chess Analysis: Post mortem analysis shocking and outrageous resources discovered series #1

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  1. very good resource..chess is so complex!

  2. cool resource, its a great idea for a video series!

  3. Very difficult tactic to see in a blitz game, nice though

  4. I think it's a cool idea for a series. Good stuff!

  5. i would love to watch more videos like this

  6. I can see someone like Morphy pulling off an unexpected tactic like that in one of his games. Thanks for posting.

  7. @kingscrusher please upload your own OTB games again! This is the reason I started subscribing to you years ago!

  8. I suppose the clues are a cut off king and light square weakness. Still, tough to see! (I didn't)

  9. i think this idea for a continuing series with this theme has merit. Have you considered implementing positions from non-modern games in which unknown resources were found by computers years later?

  10. Wonder if any of the greats would have discovered bg4. Great idea for a new series, looking forward to more.

  11. There's resources on the chessboard just as much as there's blunders waiting to be made.

  12. That deserves to be in a tactics puzzle set somewhere for sure.

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