Chess Analysis: Post mortem analysis shocking and outrageous resources discovered series #2

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  1. amazing resource, i couldnt spot Qa4 until the final position, although I took only 5 seconds per move. This series is great, just shows the beauty of chess!

  2. kingscrusher I been watching your videos and my chess play has improved greatly. the concept you have of forcing moves I like especially because they do make the opponent weaker on certain squares. I think it's very important to note that because often enough I have seen in several games that forcing moves usually revolve around the piece or pieces applying the most pressure to the most advanced square in the opponents position or just the most important one and the only thing we would have to do is just find deflections so we can advance our pieces. by the way I thought rook b7 was the right forcing move but the one showed was much stronger. Thanx for all your analysis and look forward to other games of yours

  3. My first thought was Qe6 but then i saw Bd5 deflection tactic. Game over 😀

  4. Amazing resource and makes me feel awful at chess 😩

  5. at 5:45 Rb7 i thought it was the best move for black , then I saw Q X Q and mate in the back raw

  6. Yet again another fantastic and thought provoking video. I hope KC will keep posting this brilliant series of outrageous resources.

  7. Hey KingCrusher, been following your videos for a long time now and have liked them so much that I've named my name after you haha. Would love to play sometime. I've started a new chess channel actually because I appreciated yours so much. Would appreciate it if you commented on one of my videos!
    Great video per usual, best of luck in your future games.

  8. That was an outstanding combination! Well played, KC

  9. KC please notice how your pawn on e3 help this amazing combination work! or else black is winning. just thought I should share this.

  10. +kingscrusher Videos like this are great. More of these please

  11. It's very similar to the "Removing the defender" theme, instead what you are removing is the defender of a threat rather than a piece directly.

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