Chess Analysis: Post mortem analysis shocking and outrageous resources discovered series #3

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  1. What if:
    1. c5 bxc5 2.Qxh6+ Kg8 3. Bb3+ c5 (Black plays c5 blocking the check. Isnt the position saved?)

  2. I think c4 blocking check instead of Rf7

  3. Nice analysis from everyone's favourite chess philosopher — love this series!

    I guess there are parallels in terms of human behaviour to "deferment of gratification".

    You get the psychological thrill from immediate "exploitation" of the "visible" concept, but on holding fire and digging a little deeper, you find a deeper beauty (heightened gratification) lying in the power potential arrived at by subtle manipulation of the combinative force; in this instance, via clearance.

  4. Nice game analysis. I actually got hungry after the chocolate cake metaphor haha!

  5. Hei KC!After c5, and bxc5, Qxh6+, Kg8, Bb3+, can black try c4 in this position? I see many moves that should win for white here, but c4 for black looks like a try??
    Nice video btw!

  6. Of course I saw Queen takes h6 and I have no doubt I would have played that as well. But when you pose the question I quickly saw the stronger threats of c5. Though it was only because I knew there was a much more accurate move.

  7. it's not only over-excitement but being overly fearful of missing out on an opportunity. You fear that if you don't play the move now, it might not be available later.

  8. Had that position been reached in a slower paced game, would you still have been tempted to go astray from the best line?

  9. Kings, leaving out the variation with bc5, Bb3+, c4 from this video is like leaving out the sugar for your chocolate cake. Just sayin…

  10. Be careful getting into clickbait territory with "shocking" in the title KC.

  11. Im loving this series KC, its amazing how u can explain attacking concepts so well. I love how you can successfully get attacking positions in blitz in almost every game!

  12. awesome vid hehe, great series, very helpful imo

  13. After c5, wouldn't Qf7 effectively prevent the Bb3 check? Just asking.

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