Chess Analysis: Post mortem analysis shocking and outrageous resources discovered series #4

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This video shows how an attacking position can be ruined by activating the opponent’s pieces and then having to be concerned about their tactical opportunities. The video highlights that perhaps when we attack in a “quality” manner, one aspect is to try and keep the opponent’s pieces restricted whilst trying to liberate our own. A kind of “lock-in” for the opponent and “lock-out” for ones pieces to try and play the attack in a pawn-structure (analogous to straight-jacket) friendly manner. A positionally based attack based on pawn structure, would strive not just to weaken the opponent’s king but also keep our pieces at maximum potential and the opponent’s pieces at minimum potential.

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  1. I like the Bh3 idea which I thought of, but what if the rook just goes to c7 instead of b8?

  2. Would love to see you go through more of your OTB games Tryfon cheers

  3. looked at d6 first and came to the conclusion that it does not feel strong enough. I need one more piece to restrain the opponent and thought of bh3 to cut along!! I cannot believe that I came to the right idea thanks to my intuition (also your commentary of course) After that I calculated bh3(…) d6 as the continuation!
    I love your philosophical approach to chess and that you analyse the psychological weaknesses of us mere humans! Thanks for the videos, cheers!

  4. Great game. Spectacular analysis. We need more of these!

  5. I think about Rxf6, with idea of Rf8)) Just remind me of Nezhmetdinov Game) with pressure on f6 square

  6. Very nice insight and educational comments. I too have found that 4-5 moves after what appeared as a winning attack position, I mistakenly had liberated my opponents army more than mine!

  7. Good tip, Gavriel. It's positional in a way. Preventing all if not most counter play from your opponent means you can carry out what ever idea, positional or dynamic, with the greatest amount of advantage usually.

  8. Rxf6, Rf1. What else could it be?

    Edit: Not that. Rxf6 exf6, Rf1 Qxd5 and the computer has it as not worse for Black

  9. Hello KC…
    In the given critical position after u showed the bh3 line… how about bh3,rb8 and then play Qe5?? did u consider the move Qe5 in this critical position.. thanks
    thanks for the video and even for the very helpful post Morton analysis series…

  10. yes more of your OTB games analysis kc.. they r really helpful .. the ideas and nuances

  11. g4 or …. g5 (as black) ideas as subtle attacking schemes was discussed in details by dvoretsky and yusupov's training books…

  12. More OTB games analysis please from your games in the leagues around where you live

  13. I find myself in this position all the time. I have my opponent's pieces paralyzed. I look at the board for about 30 seconds… Nothing jumps out, and I decide, well I don't have infinite time, better just break open the position with some hack attack.

    This was interesting. Although, it's hard to take away much more than, find sweet engine moves. Difficult to do in 3-5 min chess. Nevertheless, Interesting video.

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