Chess Analysis Tips: how to make the best out of the #1 chess analysis software – DecodeChess

Are you an amateur chess player who’s tired of cold chess engine recommendations and looking to learn more from your moves and games? Watch this video to see how DecodeChess can help you make more sense out of your chess moves.

This video takes you on a system tour and shows you the power of our technology. If you don’t have a DecodeChess account yet, now’s the time to sign up for FREE (see link below).

If you’ve already got an account then this video can help you discover best practices and ways to optimize your chess analysis efforts.

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DecodeChess is the first and only chess analysis software that explains the recommended moves of a chess engine (Stockfish) in rich, intuitive language.

Our groundbreaking algorithms mimic human cognitive functions and thus make DecodeChess a hybrid between a chess engine and a chess master.


  1. The explanations seem very narrow, and focused on move to move analysis, with really no verbal explanations of strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and how to formulate a plan. Playing move to move is usually a bad idea, and probably a bad habit to develop, especially for developing players. Instead, I think chess books written by masters who explain things as they go along are much better at training the mind to look at the right things as you play. Stronger players develop and intuitive sense of positional strength, and are even willing to sacrifice pawns and even pieces to obtain those strong positions. You will never learn how to play like that if you use this program, which cannot begin to explain this intuitive sense to you. Chess AI instruction is simply not ready for prime time.

  2. Thank you Gideon. Nicely explained. I think I will start using DecodeChess.

  3. Hey friend!! Liked the video, good job.

  4. I have a rating of 1000
    I have had DecodeChess for 3 days now and it's brilliant for analysing games after losing
    So now I can understand why and where it all went hideously wrong 🙂

  5. This is possibly the slowest speaker I've ever heard.

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