Chess Analysis with Elisabeth Pähtz | Catalan Opening | Schachbundesliga 2019

In this video analyzes Elisabeth Pähtz her game in the Catalan opening against Lela Javakhishvili in the Schachbundesliga 2019 in Berlin.

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Elisabeth Pähtz plays for the Schachfreunde Deizisau in the strongest woman chess league. Elisabeth Pähtz choise the Catalan opening in order to get a solid and positional game. The game against her Georgian contender Javakhishvili was very strategic. After some exchanges of pieces both players agreed into a draw.

Thank you Elli Paehtz for your rich analysis of chess game in the Catalan system!

This game was round 9 of the Schachbundesliga 2019 in Berlin.

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  1. Deep and instructive analysis of the Catalan Opening, charmingly presented.
    Thank you WGM Elli Pähtz!

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