game review be like game evaluation is lying to you

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the bishop is an impostor


  1. the performance rating is relative to your own rating which is why it’s different for everyone

  2. great so we can't know what actaully elo we are playing

  3. The evaluation presented is relative to the ELO of the players involved.

    In this way you can do the same game that Hikaru had against a GM doing it with a friend of a similar ELO level to yours, but then the machine will observe who you beat and with what precision you did so, well, if you played it is the same game against someone who has an ELO much higher than yours and you win the ELO that the review evaluates you will be much higher for you, because in that game that is shown your opponent will have a decent precision, but he will show himself with a low evaluation ELO for losing to someone inferior.

    Moving on to another sport like football (soccer), if Messi scores 4 goals against a team in his league it is considered a great game, but if he does the same to his group of friends it is something to be expected, if he does it against a group of children it is obvious that it is contained. If I score 1 goal against a professional team being (an amateur guy without any kind of professional training) it will be a feat, which anyone who analyzes me will rate me well above my potential, if I score the same goal against my friends, it will be something to be expected, no one will say that I did something out of the ordinary, if I score a goal against a group of children they will wonder why I didn't do more.

    I hope you understand my explanation.

  4. i had a 99.4% accuracy game and it gave me 1700 only

  5. i've noticed it doesn't make you feel good about yourself when you play a great game

  6. Played a game against a 1200 the other day. I got rated 2000 by game review, and my opponent 1600.

  7. The performance ratings scales with time while accuracy does not, the more time you had for the game the lower is your performance rating

  8. it also takes into consideration if it makes sense for you to play like that, etc…

  9. I think its due to how fast the GM's move, some are even premoves ( a lot ) , or I am tripping.

  10. I had a 94.9 accuracy game and it gave me a rating of 2650 (I'm 500 elo)

  11. Yeah I’m a 2000 in rapid and I played on my alt account that was 1000 rated I played a 87 accuracy game and said I was 1200 :/

  12. thqts becquse of the time it took you to do the moves

  13. On my game review today:
    My move, which threatened to win a queen and would have won the queen with the correct follow up: good move
    Stockfishes move, which attacked a pawn that could easily be defended in a variety of ways: best move
    Sometimes I think stockfish is really just a 600 that pretends to be good at chess

  14. I defeated Antonio and chess thinks my rating is 2300, my opening was horrible, endgame is great. (im a 840 player)

  15. Yesterday I had a 91 acurracy game with only one inacurracy and it gave me 900 elo. I am a 500

  16. I remember I played once with my friend and apparently got rated as a 2250???? Bruv I'm only 600

  17. yea i once played a 12 move game with full 100 acc and i was only 1650 apparently

  18. I've found the device you review it on changes the rating as well. My phone consistently says games are 2150 but on the PC it's 1200

  19. The fact of the matter is when the opportunity plays baffling moves it's going to throw you out of theory so even if you dominate them your accuracy could be sub 70 percent.

  20. I checked from my 900 elo smurf it showed 1000
    I saw it from my main acc at 1500 it showed 2400 LOL

  21. I swear everytime i check game review in one game my opening mistake middle game good and it says i play like a 2100 and another game i checked Opening, best Middlegame, excellent and it says i play like a 800

  22. Can we get Gotham’s video please? Trust me I understand what you’re talking about but sadly does not work how we think it should 😅

  23. I'm a 300 and I got a 92.4% game it said I was a 2550 lol

  24. "When they do it, it's smart. When you do it, it's stupid"

  25. im 900 elo and got 89 accuracy, the computer said i played like a 2400 rated

  26. I feel like the game reveiw elo should show the level of which the game was played, so if a 1500 play like a 2300 it should say 2300 and not like 1800

  27. So if I’m 1000, and I get 1600 on game review, I’m basically hikaru

  28. i played a 100% accuracy game by scholars mating someone but that doesnt mean i played like a grandmaster

  29. Also, 2 game at 70% for exemple are not Always the same, some time, 70% is that bad because the best move was very dificult to find but sometime, it's just more to find better move

  30. Hikaru 3200 elo when he gets 100 accuracy: 3200
    500 elo me with 100 accuracy: 1350
    I can confirm this is dumb

  31. yeah know this is something some of us known about for a long time the Chess Rating is BS and dosnt work properly but alot of players tend to not admit this for the most part and tend to be toxic about it
    heck your accracy rating also is kinda BS just FYI it dosnt matter you can be high or low with it dosnt matter.

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